Meri Gudiya 24th January 2020 Written Update

Meri Gudiya 24th January 2020 Written Update by Amena

Meri Gudiya 24th January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Maa asking Shaurya to take the list and arrange everything. He refuses and says its a joke. She says its needed for Avi. He says its a show off, ask Raghav to go to court and marry Ratri. She says court stamp isn’t necessary than society stamp, that’s why we keep marriage function with all the rituals, we invite family and friends, we don’t call it a joke. He refuses. Avi looks on and asks won’t Papa and Ratri’s marriage happen. Pia asks Raghav will the marriage happen. He says mumma decided it. She asks are you sure about Ratri. He says I would have lost Avi if I thought of it more, I can’t lose Avi at any cost.

She says this is making me think, there is something fishy. He says you are independent to think, I can’t stop you, it was my duty to invite you, its your choice to come or not. She says I will surely come and prove that Ratri isn’t right for Avi and family, make me a promise. He asks for what. She says when I prove that Ratri isn’t right for Avi, you will break the marriage at that time. He says I know you have lots of doubts, there should be solid evidence, I know you will agree to me. Avi asks don’t you like Ratri.

Shaurya says no, she can’t take Madhuri’s place. She says she isn’t taking mum’s place, she is my best friend, dad said she will stay with us, she will become your best friend also, she will stay with us, right, tell me. He hugs her and says yes. He agrees to do the work. Maa says we will call some relatives for engagement. Shaurya thinks I have to bring out Ratri’s truth. Ratri thinks what to wear. She gets a saree. She says I will end Madhuri’s memories and rule on this house. Photographer clicks pics of everyone. He clicks Ratri’s pic and asks Avi to get aside. Avi says I will also get pic clicked, I won’t go. The man asks her to get aside. Ratri poses for pics. Avi gets sad. Shaurya looks on. Ratri goes. Raghav stays sad. Ratri comes to Maa. Dulaari and Maa smile seeing her and compliment.

Shaurya scolds the photographer. Adrika comes with neck band. Maa asks what happened to your neck. Adrika says spondylitis. She gets worried seeing Pari. Maa asks where is Rudraksh. Adrika says he has hypertension problem. Raghav gets ready and comes. Pandit comes to get their engagement done. Madhuri thinks this engagement won’t happen. Raghav sees Avi and calls her. Ratri gets the ring. Madhuri thinks your dreams will break soon. She hurts Ratri. Ratri screams and asks where did the ring go. Avi asks shall I find the ring. Raghav says yes, call me when the ring is found. He sees Madhuri’s pic and says I wish this wasn’t happening, this decision is unfair with three lives. Ratri finds the ring. Pari takes it. Maa thinks bad spirits started their work, I will get this marriage happen. Madhuri thinks I won’t let this engagement happen.

Ratri gets hurt on her hand. Raghav asks what happened. Maa says this rasam can’t be fulfilled today. Ratri cries.

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