Musakaan 14th September 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 14th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 14th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chamki coming to Muskaan and insisting her to meet Maharaj ji. Muskaan agrees. Amma asks the men to take the girls to Maharaj. Muskaan and Chamki come there. Maharaj holds Muskaan’s hand. Muskaan kicks him and keeps knife at his neck. He gets shocked. Maalik says I will return the loan amount taken by Inder. The bank officials leave. Ronak says Hanumant, the bank officials couldn’t do anything, Inder didn’t do anything wrong. Hanumant says I m trying something about Inder. Muskaan says Chamki was scared, I understood something is wrong, are you not ashamed. Maharaj apologizes. Chamki says forgive me.

Muskaan says no, its not your mistake, this happens with girls always, I will expose Maharaj in front of the village. Maharaj laughs and says Chamki came to me herself.

He asks his men to snatch the knife from her hand. Amma comes and asks Muskaan to put ghunghat. She gets sweets. Maharaj says I will tell you future of your family, if you keep Muskaan and Inder’s suhaagraat today, your family will get a son, else Inder will never get a child. They get shocked.
Inder asks what, my Suhaagraat today. Kuldeep says yes, Amma was telling this to Maalik. They dance. Ronak comes home. Chamki cries. Ronak asks what happened, why are you crying. Chamki tells everything.

Ronak thinks what to do now, how to expose this fraud man, Muskaan fell in big problem, how to save her. Maalik says I called some dancers for the party, go and get the dancers to the village, the men will celebrate. Ronak says fine, do you agree with Maharaj’s words. Maalik says Amma believes Maharaj a lot, it doesn’t matter, if Suhaagraat is done today or tomorrow, the truth is I have given Muskaan to Inder. Inder happily decorates his room. Muskaan cries. Ronak comes to her. She says I won’t let Inder touch me, either I will die or Inder. He says don’t take any wrong move, trust me, nothing will happen.

The man asks Maalik to not follow Muskaan’s conditions after Inder’s marriage. Maalik nods. Amma drags Muskaan there. Maalik asks the men to have tea and food. Muskaan thinks where is Ronak. The man asks about the real Jashan. Maalik says it will happen. Amma asks a man to apply mehendi to Muskaan. The man writes I. Muskaan writes R. Amma asks what’s this. The man says she made I as R. Muskaan says R for Ronak ji. Amma scolds her and wipes the mehendi. R impression gets dark. Muskaan smiles. Everyone dances on dhol music. Inder comes to Muskaan and says I have called all village women here to keep your respect, you celebrate Suhaagraat with me with respect, we have to do as Maharaj told us. Ronak asks did you see any girl. The man says I don’t know, someone took the girls. Ronak thinks I have to get the girls to expose fake Maharaj. Hukum has kidnapped the girls. He asks the girls to dance. The girls dance on Dilbar song…. Hukum and the men drink wine and laugh.

Hukum says I did the promise and won’t break it. The girl says we will leave for Delhi after the dance. Hukum says no, you have to serve us after dance. The man calls Inder lucky and asks him to win today. Muskaan thinks where is Ronak, please come and stop my life from ruining. Ronak and Hanumant come to Hukum’s godown. They see the girls dancing. They faint some men and switch off the power. Inder asks Muskaan to dance once in her Sangeet. He takes Muskaan for dance. Amma stops Maalik. Muskaan worries.

Inder asks Muskaan to come, its time for Suhaagraat. He drags her to the room. Muskaan says don’t come close. Inder gets close to her.

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