Musakaan 1st August 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 1st August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 1st August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sir ji calling Das and someone to his office. He asks them what they have done for him. Das counts the crimes he did. Sir ji asks what did I give you. The man says you gave us much money. Sir ji coughs and says fine, you have to do this work. Das says your work… Sir ji asks will you ask me, how dare you, just do this work, go and arrange a bulldozer. Das asks are you applying for demolishing the brothel, why. Sir ji says just do as I say, do this soon, call me, I m going home. He leaves.

Sir ji comes to have breakfast with everyone. He asks where are Ronak and Muskaan, they said they will have breakfast together. Gayatri says Ronak went to drop her. He says I m getting late, I will come home early, I m done. He leaves in his car. Sir ji comes to the brothel. Tabassum

greets him. He asks her to vacate the brothel soon. She asks what. He says I ordered you to shut the brothel, all the girls are free, they can pack their bags and go, Tabassum give the ownership papers to the officers. She asks where will I go, this is my home. He says I don’t want to argue now. She says no Sir ji. He sees the time. She asks did I make any mistake, tell me, don’t do this. He says this brothel will get ruined, if you come in between, I have to deal with you strictly. She asks why are you doing this with me, for that Muskaan. He says this brothel is the root of all the problems. She says you are talking like Ronak. He says yes, I m doing this for my son, I will auction even my house. He sees the timer and goes out to the car. He leaves.
He comes to the make up artist. The man gives him water and says you came on right time. The inspector calls Muskaan and says supervise this duty, the brothel is getting demolished, take the lady constables with you, Sir ji gave these orders. She gets shocked and checks the papers. She thinks I should tell this to Ronak right away. She calls Ronak and says you know Sir ji has requested for brothel demolition.

Sir ji comes to office. Das comes. Sir ji asks what happened Das, why are you looking at me like this. The man says we have done your work to demolish the brothel. Sir ji asks what, did I give this order. The man says yes. Sir ji slaps him and asks are you both fine, are you drunk, shall I call mental hospital, its my brothel. The man says you asked us to arrange bull dozer, officer would have reached the brothel. Sir ji shouts shut up, I m not unwell, how will I give these orders. He leaves in the car.

Sir ji comes home and sees timers. He meets some buyers. He calls his family. He says I have decided to auction this house and everything in it. They all get shocked. They ask why. He says I will tell you, I have done many bad things in my life, you all know it, you are scared and don’t say, I want to repent for all my sins. Bua says we are not hurt, don’t say this. Dolly says we are happy with you.

Sir ji says I want to give you all good happiness. His voice changes. Everyone looks on. Bua asks what happened to your voice. He sees the timer and says I got emotional, Gayatri wanted me to end this fight, I got the brothel demolished, I ended this fight. They get shocked. He asks will you stay with me as my courage. Gayatri says yes. Bua says I won’t let you do this. Bunty asks what is he doing. Dipendra says don’t know, we have to stop him. Sir ji asks Lovely to go to her Sasural. Dolly says we can’t live in poverty. Sir ji says I have told my decision, now I can’t step back, this house will be auctioned today. They get shocked. Muskaan is at the brothel. Sir ji comes and stops the demolition. The officer says we have orders to demolish this property. Sir ji says its my property, stop.

He asks Tabassum what is she doing, can’t she see the brothel getting demolished. She asks what, you told me not to come in between, I begged you. He says I m not mad, you didn’t call me, what happened. Officer says don’t waste our time, break it. Sir ji says hold on, let me make a call. He calls and says your junior officer has come to break my property, order him to stop this demolition. Muskaan gets shocked. Officer gets a call. He goes. Tabassum asks what happened to you, you wanted to demolish the brothel and auction the house. He asks are you fine. She says you told this. He says who did this, I will just come. He goes.

Sir ji gets shocked seeing his lookalike. He says so you have done this against me, I will not leave you. The lookalike attacks him. Sir ji fights.

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