Musakaan 21st December 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 21st December 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 21st December 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sudha asking the security to make the man away. The security guards make Ronak and Muskaan away. Muskaan asks them to leave Ronak. Ronak shouts Muskaan… Nisha calls Hanumant and says Ronak wasn’t answering, so I called you. Hanumant says everything is fine, he went to the party with Dev, I came to office for some work, I will be going there to him, don’t worry. Roshni wakes up Pintu and asks him to come with her to the bar. He asks her to let him sleep. She insists. He says its wrong. He gets ready. Ronak beats the guards and shouts on them. Sudha calls Sir ji and asks him to come fast. Ronak fights the guards. Muskaan looks on. A guard hits his hand. Ronak asks where were you Muskaan, I didn’t know you are alone, you didn’t come to see me, you know how I m alive without you, why were you helpless to come back to this hell. She says I will answer you, but right now go from here, this place isn’t safe. He gets Nisha’s call and disconnects. He says I won’t go leaving you, come with me. He holds her hand and takes her.

They go out. He asks her where was she since six years. She cries. She sees Sir ji. He turns and gets shocked seeing Sir ji alive. He recalls Sir ji’s death. Sir ji says finally, you found your lover, this is called true love. Ronak says Singh Sahab. Sir ji says yes, its me, you are shocked to see me alive, you thought just she will get a new life, I also got a new life, I m Babu ji, people know me as Don babu, you played a inning and I will play another one, this girl is of my bar, don’t think of taking her, leave her and go from here. Ronak stops him.

Sir ji says leave Ronak out on four shoulders. The guards stop Ronak. Muskaan says please Sir ji, leave him, I will do what you say, spare Ronak. Ronak says no, you won’t go there. Sir ji asks how dare you think to run away, I will remind you your status, come. He takes Muskaan to the bar. Ronak pushes all the guards and goes to stop Sir ji. He asks Sir ji to stay in his limits. He says every inning will be mine, dare to touch Muskaan, my name is Ronak Singh. Sir ji laughs. Ronak asks Muskaan to come. Sir ji shouts catch him. Guards catch him again. Muskaan shouts Ronak ji. Sir ji says beat him. Ronak gets beaten up. Sir ji says I will show your status, come.

Muskaan says let me talk to Ronak once, I can’t leave without him. Sir ji asks how did you live before. Ronak faints. Guards lift him and lie him on the road. Muskaan shouts Ronak. Sir ji locks up Muskaan. She knocks the door. Sir ji shouts shut up. He asks guard not to let anyone in, let her die inside the room. Muskaan says I can’t stay without him.

Roshni and Pintu come there. Roshni sees Ronak lying unconscious. She asks Pintu to get water fast. She asks Ronak to get up. She sprinkles water on his face. He gets conscious and sees her. He gets up. She asks what are you doing here, how did you get hurt, did anyone beat you. He says my wife is inside. She asks you mean Khushi’s mum, does she also dance there. Ronak says I will answer you later, we have to go in first. She says fine. She takes him. Guards stop him. She asks why did you stop us, don’t you know us. Guard says its Babu ji’s order. She says don’t worry, I will take you from the back door. She asks Pintu/Chintu to go home. Ronak and Roshni go inside from the back door. They hear the ladies talking. She thinks where did Muskaan go. She asks whom did Babu ji lock. The lady says our star dancer.

Roshni thinks maybe Babu ji has some misunderstanding, I will take Ronak to his wife first. She takes Ronak and asks him to come with her. He asks where. She says I will answer you later. They see the guard outside the locked room. Ronak asks what to do now. Roshni says we have to go back. They go inside by a window. Ronak sees Muskaan crying. She asks are you fine. They hug. Roshni says I will go and talk to Babu ji, maybe he is mistaken. She sees Muskaan and gets shocked. She says it means Ronak is Muskaan’s husband, Khushi has two mums. Khushi says I will wait for dad and then sleep. Nisha says I will make you sleep. She tells some story. Khushi sleeps. Nisha thinks where is Ronak. Roshni says I will talk to Khushi. She calls Nisha.

She says I m Roshni, can you make me talk to Khushi, I m her friend, I go to her school with Mira. Nisha worries and recalls Roshni. She disconnects. She thinks why did Roshni call Khushi at this time. She hears the car sound. She goes to open the door and sees Hanumant. He asks didn’t you sleep. She asks where is Ronak. He says I got busy in work, Ronak is in the party. Nisha says I m in tension. He says you know he stays away from wine and dance, you go and rest. He goes.

Muskaan asks how will I come there, I m dead for the world. Ronak says I will talk to everyone. She asks about Nisha. Ronak looks at her.

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