Nadaan Parindey 23rd September 2014 Written Update

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Nadaan Parindey 23rd September 2014 Written Update by Amena

Nadaan Parindey 23rd September 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mama asking Bebe to take amrit for Sameer. Bebe and Meher leave and see Sameer. They are shocked. Meher thinks he is Iqbal and is glad. She runs and hugs him. Sameer hugs her happily. Bebe smiles. She asks why did you go like this without meeting me, did you not think about me. She says now you have come back, I knew this, you will come back for me. Bebe says my son and hugs Sameer. Meher says Sameer, what are you saying. Bebe says you came my son and cries. Bebe says you came after one year, stand here, I will come. Sameer asks Meher how is she. She says don’t talk to me. He holds her hand and stops her. She smiles. He says tell me till you won’t talk to me.

Bebe says they are still fighting. Meher says I will not talk to you. Bebe says fight later, let him breath. Meher says what about us, why did he come back. Sameer says she is fighting. Bebe scolds them. She says I can’t leave you both alone. Bebe gives Sameer the amrit and he smiles. Meher thinks Bebe is innocent, she is happy as Sameer is happy. Meher says he did not do a favor by coming back. Bebe says my Lord and he did a favor on me. Meher teases Sameer thinking he is Iqbal. She is mistaken. Bebe thinks why is Meher fighting, as if Iqbal is back who went four days back. What happened to her?

Meher thanks Lord for sending back Iqbal. She sees the pic and smiles. She kisses his pic. Sameer rests in Bebe’s lap. Bebe cries and shares her pain. Sameer says yes, I also cried every day. Bebe says I m very unlucky, Lord gave me two sons and happiness of one son. Meher hears Bebe talking about Iqbal. Meher fights again and is annoyed. She leaves. Sameer says she is still the same. Meher smiles. Bebe makes ginger tea and prays for Iqbal. She asks Meher to receive the call. Sameer likes the tea.

Bebe asks what will he have today in breakfast. Sameer says nothing, you go and talk to Meher, tell her that I missed her a lot. He says its better if I take to her. Meher says don’t know whose call was it. Bebe asks was the call for Iqbal. Meher says why, so soon. Bebe says from army, leave it. She asks Meher to give clothes to Sameer. Meher does not notice and leaves.

Meher and Bebe laugh on Sameer. Sameer scolds them as the pyjama does not have the drawstring. Sameer laughs as Meher tickles him while tying the drawstring. He gets an idea and holds her. They laugh. He looks at her smiling face and smiles. They have an eyelock. He says see Bebe, I was not so troubled in jail, she did not ask me how I m, Bau ji and Iqbal Veer ji were better than her. Meher is shocked knowing he is not Iqbal, but Sameer. He says they might be missing me across the border.

Meher cries and moves him away. Rabba………………..plays……………… Sameer asks why are you looking like this, I m Sameer, your Sameer. Meher says what. Sameer says see Bebe, her drama started again. Meher is shocked and cries. Sameer says dad told me about Iqbal Veer ji who looked like me in childhood. Meher says you are Sameer………. Sameer says yes, I m your Sameer. He asks what happened to you, whats this drama. Meher says stay away from me. H/e says I m not a stranger, I m your Sameer, look at me. She cries and runs.

Sameer asks Bebe what happened to her, is she fine. He wears his kurta and goes to Meher. Bebe says Meher is not in her senses, she loves Iqbal, she was talking to Sameer thinking he is Iqbal. Meher cries in her room. Sameer comes to her and sees her crying. He asks why is she doing this, it looks she is in shock. He says I know Meher that you can’t believe I m infront of your eyes, even I can’t believe I came back home, it looks like some jailer will come, beat me and wake me from this dream, my each day was like 100 years long, the time did not pass without you.

He says I used to strike the bars like mad man, you know I wrote your name on the floor with my fingers, see my finger. She cries. He says I missed you a lot, your love kept me alive there, else I would have died, the enemies have tortured me a lot. She says your look alike came here to stay with us, we felt our Sameer is back. She says we had an enemy here. Bebe says he was not a look alike and not enemy. Meher looks at Bebe.

Sameer tells Meher that he loves her a lot, we are engaged, did you forget. Meher says forget everything Sameer. He is shocked.

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