Nimki Mukhiya 2nd August 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd August 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd August 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sweeti screams and says leave her place. Diamond says leave her. Tettar shoves her. Rekha says she is pregnant. Ritu says what do we care. Nimki says Babu won’t leave you. If anything happens to you Annro would be widow too. annaro says I would have my son back. Rekha says she is pregnant please stop. don’t kill her in this condition. Anaro you’re a woman. Annaro says she has to die. Sweeti screams and says leave her please. Tettar opens the door and takes Sweeti out too. He says today you also will be punished for my insult. Sweetis says you can punish me but if anything happens to Nimki and her child Babbbu would kill you. Diamond tries saving Sweeti. Tettar shoves her. Tettar goes in his room. Sweeti runs to Nimki. Rekha says she is bleeding. Sweeti says diamond

jharya get your car. We have to take her to the hospital. Tettar says if anyone touches her I would cut your hands. Sweeti says you can do what you want. You are an animal. If anything happens to Nimki Babu would kill and I would kill this annaro. Let’s go diamond. They pick Nimki. Babu comes in.
Babbu is shocked. He screams Nimki. sweeti sasy Babu where were you.. Tettar did all this. He hit her. Babu shoots in tettar’s direction. He runs. Sweeti says lets go to hospital first. Babbbu says Tettar I would kill you. Sweeti and Babu rush to hospital.

Scene 2
Mauha says to Ramla you make the paratha. I would make the pulao. Nimki loves it. Ramla says you can make what you want for her. She would be so happy. Mauha says have you added spices? Ramla says yes. You two sisters live happily. Babu has changed too. Mauha says she likes sour things these days.
Mono decorates birthday balloons. Sweeti says it isn’t her birthday. Mono says we couldn’t celebrate that day. Tune says we would celebrate you two sisters today. Mauha says papa would be so happy for Nimki’s child. Mono says would you let her go? Mauha says I would talk to her all night. Ramla says Ram would be so happy today. Mauha says Tune call Babbu and ask where they are.

Tune calls Babbu. Babbu tells him everything. Tune is in shock. Mauha says what happened? Tune says Nimki.. Mauha says what..
Sweeti and Babbu rush nimki to hospital. Babbu says please hurry up. The doctor says she is in such a bad condition. Babu is worried. He looks in. Doctors start the treatment. Sweeti says Babu handle yourself. Babu says I would burn that house down if anything happens to her.

Ritu calls someone and says in politics you should know how to turn accidents in your favor. Diamond says who are you talking to? Ritu says so you would ask me? Diamond says you didn’t do right to bhabhi. Ritu says bhabhi? Diamond says babbu won’t’ leave you. Ritu says I would handle it. She fell from the stairs. Diamond says what.. You and Tettar hit her. Tettar slaps Diamond and says is babbu your dad now? Diamond says you didn’t do right? Tettar says didn’t you see what she did to me. She turned my son and daughter against me. Annaro says why are you shouting. Tettar says he is trying to be Babbu now. Annaor says go to your room and sit there.
Jhariya calls Tettar and tells his something. Tettar says nimki is critical. Babbu has lost his mind, said he would burn the house. Diamond says I told you, he won’t leave you. Diamond leaves in anger. Ritu says I hope it doesn’t get complicated.

Babu says I can’t believe he is my father. How could he stoop so low? these people would vote for him? This man was in Tettar’s rally. Nurse says stay quite this is the hospital. Babu says he didn’t even think Nimki is pregnant with my child.
Nimki’s belly bleeds. Doctors try to treat her.

Precap-Tettar shoves Annaro from stairs. Rekha sees it.

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