Main Bhi Ardhangini 31st July 2019 Written Update

Main Bhi Ardhangini 31st July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Main Bhi Ardhangini 31st July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mohini asking Maha maya if she is fine. Adhiraj says she is fine, but who are you? She asks him to leave her hand. Maha Maya shouts asking him to leave that girl. Adhiraj says this attack happened due to this girl. Maha Maya scolds him and says she has saved me atleast. She says many times I was attacked, but nobody saved me. She asks Adhiraj to search the man attacking her. Adhiraj says this girl is not innocent and those two were snakes. He asks her to tell what is her plan and keeps knife on her neck. He says I see far away enemy near and says she can reach your neck also, but I won’t let her reach your reflection. He asks her to say else he will kill her. Maha Maya shouts Adhiraj. Mohini apologizes to her and says when that man was moving near you, I saved you. She

says I saved you and it seems I did a big mistake. She apologizes to her. Maha Maya asks her to get up and asks her not to go from there. she calls off the jashn.
Adhiraj thinks who this girl is and thinks to search her reality. Vasudha says Mohini will be exposed soon. Chandra says we have to go back to haveli to save her. They become snake and go haveli. They change their faces and go inside. Rani comes there and asks if you are Naag and naagin. Vasudha says we’re normal people and asks her to touch them and see. Rani says Maha Maya will touch and bite you. Vasudha comes to Mohini. Mohini calls them Maa and baba and asks them to go. Chandra says this is unsafe for you. Adhiraj sees them and asks who were those people? Mohini says why to tell you. She says they were her partners, dance partners. Adhiraj says you act also. He tells a story of ring master and monkey. He says I will expose you. Mohini says for where you heard this nonsense story and says if you are so loyal then how can you behave badly with the person saving maha Maya. She asks him to move from her way.

Rani comes to kitchen and asks Jaichand if he don’t feel ashamed for becoming fat. Jaichand says thankfully that girl came on time else I would have been stuck like lizard on the wall. He collides with Adhiraj and warns him. He then politely asks him not to get angry. Adhiraj tells Rani that she will take the girl. He takes Mohini to Maha Maya. Mohini stops outside seeing the maya’s rays. She keeps the solution in hand and gets inside. Maha Maya asks if she knows how she has good news and says not good like me. She asks If you know how to bite and says she is joking. Mohini asks her to take her in her clan and says she wants revenge from Bhujang. She asks her to let her be in her shelter. Maha Maya asks Adhiraj to take her to room.

Precap: The flute is played and Mohini is about to become Naagin.

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