Nimki Vidhayak 1st February 2020 Written Update

Nimki Vidhayak 1st February 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Vidhayak 1st February 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Annaro says I know about the file. Inspector says this means our intelligence was right. Sweeti says she has mental health issues. She was in a mental asylum for two years. Annaro shoves her and says I am not mental, you are. That’s why you are with these enemies. I am okay. I remember everything. Come I will show you the file. Annaro says to Nimki, you killed my Babbu. You ruined my family. Now time for you to suffer. You will all go to jail. Nimki says I know what I did was wrong but please don’t do this. It isn’t fear. Annaro says I will decide your punishment. I will get my husband out of jail and then bury you alive. Then I will dance on your grave. She says come with me, I will show you the file. Inspector says we have many proofs against you. Nimki says stop wasting your time. Are you on a monthly basis with Shukla? Here’s the proof. She shows him a drive and says this is for you brother.

Scene 2
Shukla and Mishra are fighting. Mishra says you couldn’t even do such a small thing. Ganga says stop fighting. We have to stay calm and find out what is going on in Nimki’s house. Send more police there. Shankar says let’s call Nimki. Ganga calls Nimki. She says hello, how are you Nimki? Nimki comes inside her house and says yes Ganga devi ji. Ganga is shocked. Mishra says how did she come here? Nimki says I will be a little late. I was thinking I should do all the maths before becoming CM. Ganga asks Shukla what is she doing here? Your Shukla’software is out of date. Let me tell you. Abhi comes in with a lot of men. Nimki walks up to Ganga and says you sent the police after me, so I thought I should bring CBI officers to your place. I wasn’t that easy to handle. I wouldn’t have become a normal girl to CM if I was normal.

Nimki recalls saying to Tune and Abhi I am sure Ganga would use someone and trap me. We have to present her proofs. We have to think like her. Abhi says she can ask her people to take your name as their boss. Nimki says she can even threaten the girls and make them give a statement against me. We have to get out of this. Ganga says well done. You’re so intelligent. Mishra says what are you doing here? You should be in jail. Nimki says I knew you would try to trap me in this case. I thought you might send Mishra to keep a proof in my house. But I didn’t think you would use Annaro and she would recall everything.

Sweeti said to Ramla, she gave me this churan for my health. Ramla said it’s the same medicine she gave to Nimki to abort her child. Sweeti says so she was lying? She tried to kill my child? I never imagined that. Sweet told Nimki Annaro was opening Nimki’s closet. Nimki found the file and said Annaro has recalled everything. She is being used by Ganga. Nimki says so the police that you sent to raid my house couldn’t find anything. So I am here. You thought I would be in jail. But sad. You will be in jail now. Ganga laughs and says this isn’t a film. You don’t have proof against me. But I have proof. Proof that men transferred money into your account after buying the girls. I have girls’ statements that you sold them off. Abhi says don’t worry. We have CBI officers here. An officer says when we got to know that you both are involved in this racket, we got alert. Nimki says we could tap phones too. We wanted to make an example out of you. You will all be punished. Also, you will be punished for accusing me of wrongly. Your Nirmal and Sunita have also given statement against you. She shows them the statement. Nimki says the girls have also told us how you scared them into sending those false statements. Mishra tries to run. CBI arrests him. They arrest Shukla and Ganga too. Shukla says I will kill you. Nimki says that would be another case.

Ganga says after so long I have a potential competitior. I will be back soon in this game. This is fun. The picture is left. Ganga also leaves with CBI. She smiles at Nimki.

Scene 2
Nimki comes out. The song ladki beautiful plays.
Nimki takes her oath as the CM. Everyone claps for her. Nimki says I will be true to my duties and loyal to this country. I will serve everyone with justice. Keep smiling everyone. I will remember everyone’s support and love. So keep smiling as I did.

No precap.

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