Nimki Vidhayak 27th January 2020 Written Update

Nimki Vidhayak 27th January 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Vidhayak 27th January 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ganga tells Shankar that let’s talk to Hanuman, we can fail Nimki’s plan. Ganga calls Hanuman but he is with Nimki. Ganga tells Hanuman that I can give ou home ministry so what’s the worry? Hanuman says you have chosen Nimki’s name and we are happy with that. Nimki tells them to not listen to Ganga. Ganga hears it. She tells Hanuman that he is doing a mistake by being with Nimki, she will destroy you and others. Hanuman says if Nimki doesn’t become the CM then we will take our support back and you won’t get to make a government. Nimki says tell her that you don’t move back from your words. Ganga ends the call in anger. Nimki praises Hanuman and Amresh for their bravery. Nimki says now Ganga won’t get the seat.

Nimki tells Abhi that I talked to Ganga but she doesn’t repent anything. Tunee says Nimki is going to become a CM now. Abhi asks Nimki to not worry, you are going to be a good CM. Nahar says I made her go against Tettar which is why she is becoming a CM. He asks the reporter to take his pictures. Nimki tells Abhi that my life is a mess. Abhi says don’t be nervous, you made Ganga lose so you are going to be good in front of the audience, he gives her some speech pointers.

Scene 2
Shankar tells Ganga that the media is going to air Nimki’s speech. Ganga says we have to twist the news, tell them to call me so I can give pointers about Nimki, we have to change the direction of attention. Shankar says we can give Parag’s name to become a CM. Ganga says I am not going to let the chair taken away from me, we will snatch it back, she tried to take my chair and you are saying to lose in front of her? Mishra says I have not seen you like this before. This Nimki is behind all that. I should shoot her and end her game. Ganga says no, I don’t want an easy death for her. Let’s make her press conference a memorable one.

Minto comes to Nimki’s house and congratulates her. Nimki is trying to read the speech, Abhi leaves from there. Minto asks how did you get the seat? Nimki says I will tell you later. She says I am thinking to make you a minister, you think good about the people. Minto is surprised. Nimki says bring Mai to my house, we will talk calmly. I know you must be thinking to get married. Minto thinks that I want to live in this moment where you are with me. Pichko asks Nimki to find a job for him too. Nimki laughs. She asks Minto what kind of a girl he wants? Minto says just like you. Nimki is surprised.

PRECAP- The reporter asks Nimki why Ganga didn’t become a CM herself? Ganga comes there and says I will answer for myself. She hugs Nimki and whispers that I have worn a new saree so there is no stain on it. Nimki says you have blood stains on your soul.

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