Pandya Stores 1st November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 1st November 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 1st November 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amba asking about the flower tattoo. Natasha says I couldn’t see it well. Inspector says we will investigate. Natasha thinks Chiku will catch that girl. Hetal thanks Natasha. Natasha says no. Amrish asks everyone to come home. Natasha asks are you fine, did Hetal scold you. Hetal says I m fine, come, we shall leave. Esha falls down. Chiku catches her and unveils her face. He asks who are you and why were you running away. She thinks what to do. He says I won’t let you go until you answer. She runs away. Amba asks Golu to go and freshen up. She scolds Hetal. Dhawal takes Natasha to some decorated place and asks her to play Dandiya. She asks do you think I m mad. He says yes.

He asks her to start. He challenges her. Amrish packs Hetal’s clothes and says I can’t stay in this room with a dancer. Bhaven asks what is Amrish saying. Pranali says this doesn’t suit you. Amba asks her to keep quiet. Hetal says I was dancing when you liked me in the college fest, you knew it, I like to dance, I have left everything for your happiness. Amrish says you can’t dance everywhere and always, you are my wife now, and bahu of this family, go out of this room, I can’t stay with a dancer. Hetal stops. She asks did you forget that I m not just your wife and bahu, but also a mother, I danced, but I have no regret, I did that for my Golu, I had to keep that girl engaged so that Natasha finds Golu, Natasha saved Golu. Dhawal dances on Chogada. Natasha switches off the music and argues. He says I had arranged all this before and gifted you this dress, if you find me insensitive, then you can leave from here.

Amrish says you trust Natasha so much that you risked Golu’s life, why didn’t you tell me, I m his dad, I would have protected him, you didn’t get time to tell me. Hetal says no, you are saying wrong, I didn’t tell you because I was scared of your anger, I couldn’t put Golu’s life in danger, if this happens again, I will do the same. He shouts Hetal…

Hetal says I can go to any extent for Golu, nothing is imp to me than him. Natasha plays the music and says I never lose. Dhawal smiles. Amba says Natasha always puts Amrish in problem. Dolly and Pranali talk about Natasha. Dhawal and Natasha dance. She falls in his arms. He says scores got equal. She says I broke the dahi handi in front of everyone. He asks her to have water and calm her anger. He spills the water on her face and says yay, its 2-1. He runs away.

Hetal asks what will you tell Golu, why am I staying outside, answer me. Amrish breaks a vase in anger. He leaves. Hetal asks him to stop. She steps on the glass and gets hurt. Everyone comes inside and cares for her wound. Amba comes to Amrish and says I told you to leave Pandya store, we got a bigger loss, Chiku has stolen your 50 lakhs, forget it, Natasha is a big problem. Dhawal and Natasha come home. Amrish thinks its enough, I have to cut Natasha’s wings now.

Amrish scolds Natasha. He says you kidnapped Golu. Amba says you have to go to jail now. Natasha and everyone are shocked.

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