Pandya Stores 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 2nd November 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 2nd November 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amba telling Amrish that Natasha has encouraged Hetal to speak up. She says you did wrong by punishing Hetal today. Hetal cries. Bhaven says everyone lectured me when Pranali got hurt because of me, what did Amrish do today. Amba advises Amrish. He says whatever happened today, Hetal isn’t the reason, Natasha is the reason. Amrish gets angry. He says I don’t understand what to do, I can control anyone, but not this Natasha, I want to stay away from the ladies matter. Dhawal and Natasha come home.

Pranali says Amrish has no clue that Hetal got hurt, he doesn’t do this intentionally like you do, this is the difference between Amrish and you. Dolly and everyone leave. Amba says I know what to do, they are supporting Natasha. Dhawal calls out Amrish. Amrish asks where were you. Natasha says he was playing dandiya. Dhawal takes her aside and says control yourself, I won’t look good to die in this age. She smiles and goes. He says she smiled, amazing.

Hetal recalls Amrish’s words. Natasha says everything happened because of my carelessness. Hetal hugs her. She says I did what I never imagined, I answered Amrish today, thanks. Natasha hugs her and says I m very happy today. Chiku sees Esha and calls her out. He goes after her and holds her hand. She slaps him and calls out police. He says sorry and runs. He says I got a slap because of that girl. Dhawal sees Natasha sleeping.

She applies the ointment to her hand. She wakes up and acts to be sleeping. He goes and lies on the sofa. Rang lagya…plays… She smiles. Its morning, Natasha wakes up and asks Dhawal why didn’t you wake me up. He comes from the bathroom. He smiles and flirts with her. She argues.

They have a moment. He says I will convince everyone, it’s a date. Natasha asks who goes on date after marriage. He says I will take you today. Amrish sees Hetal hurt. He asks what happened to you, did you dance a lot and your leg broke. Hetal says no, I got hurt. He recalls breaking the vase.

He gives her the ointment and goes. She smiles. Natasha plays with Golu. Amrish and Amba hear them talking. Natasha says don’t get scared when I m here. Golu says if dad and Dadi scold me, will you punish them also. She nods. She puts her phone there and runs after him. Amba says we got a big loss by getting Natasha home, don’t know what to do. Dhawal says Natasha, we will get time to spend in the evening. Amrish says yes, I made a big mistake, I should have not let her come back in this house. He takes Natasha’s phone. He thinks to teach her a lesson.

Amrish scolds Natasha. He says you kidnapped Golu. Amba says you have to go to jail now. Natasha is shocked.

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