Pandya Stores 8th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 8th November 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 8th November 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amrish saying I have raised you as my son, enjoy your life, you can keep responsibility when time comes. Dhawal says fine, I will talk to Natasha and ask her to talk to Daama, I can’t tolerate people talking to you like that. Amrish says Natasha isn’t wrong, she is in stress about Suman, Suman’s health can get spoiled, talk when the situation is fine, we can hear taunts, nothing should happen to Suman. Dhawal says I can never get a brother like you ever. They hug and say love you. Amba looks on. Dhawal goes. Amba asks Amrish to stay happy and take care. Amrish goes.

Natasha makes the tea. Dolly asks why so many tea cups. Natasha says Harish Kaka and others have come. Dolly says they left. Natasha says Amrish asked me to make tea. Dolly says don’t worry, we will give the tea to the workers outside. Natasha says thanks, handle this, I have to go to Suman.

Suman says Chiku didn’t tell anything about his past, I m afraid he can get married to that girl. Shesh says nothing like that, they were just asking names. Chiku gets Esha home. Suman, Shesh and Mittu look on. Suman imagines Esha coming as Chiku’s wife and ousting her from the house. Esha turns to go. Chiku holds her hand and stops her. He says she is Esha, she met with an accident, doctor asked her to take rest, she has nobody, where could I leave her, so I got her home. Shesh asks did you tie rakhi and say I will always protect you. Chiku says shut up, can we keep Esha here. Natasha is on the way. Her slipper breaks. She walks lost. Dhawal comes and jokes seeing her. She says I will go anyway, you will get proof. He says I don’t like the men arguing with Amrish, if Daama got fine, then talk to her, we will sort this in a few days. Suman says Chiku, you should have asked me before getting her. He says sorry.

Esha gets scared. Suman says calm down, don’t get scared, go to my room and sleep on the bed, I will get food for you. Chiku says I will just drop her and come to tell you everything. Suman says Chiku got her home. Natasha says yes, you are tolerating me for the shop, right. She argues with the auto driver. Dhawal thinks she doesn’t have money, she won’t take it if I give to her. He keeps some money in her purse. He leaves.

Her purse falls. She gets angry. She picks her purse and gets the money. She smiles and says maybe the money was inside, but how long will I use this, I have to become financially independent, Pandya store will go to Amrish. Amrish recalls Natasha’s words. Paresh asks him to check the job applicant list. Amrish is shocked seeing it. She gets a call from Golu’s school. Teacher says your wife isn’t answering the calls, come and pick Prateek, he is waiting since 2 hours. Amrish rushes. Chiku asks Esha to take rest. She says Suman isn’t comfortable with my coming. Chiku says no, she always helps strangers, take care. Suman, Shesh and Mittu look on. Chiku says tell me if you want anything.

Suman asks Chiku to say, if Esha is a murderer or robber, if she kills me, then what will you do. Shesh and Mittu laugh. Chiku says Dhara got Shweta like that, so I m your grandson today. Suman says yes, you are right, when Shweta came, you were in her lap, does it mean, little Chiku is coming, we will start preparations. Chiku says no, I got her here for the sake of humanity. Suman says fine, I believe you, I will make some food for her. He says yes. Chiku says Suman will never change. Dhawal asks how do you handle Dolly, I can’t handle Natasha. Chirag says we will go and talk in Amrish’s cabin. Dhawal asks how. Chirag says Amrish isn’t there. He asks Dhawal to just nod to Natasha and then his life will get sorted. Dhawal says no, I can’t say yes to wrong. He doesn’t see Natasha’s resume on the laptop screen. Suman asks Esha to have badam halwa. Esha says no. Suman asks her to have it. Natasha comes home and asks Chiku why is he upset. She says you didn’t do my work. She sits tired. He asks her to have water. She asks did you get that girl. He asks who. She says I asked you to catch her, she had kidnapped Golu. He says yes. He tells everything to her. He takes Natasha to Esha. Natasha says she had kidnapped Golu, and Suman is feeding her halwa, is she the same girl. Chiku says yes, she was scared when I caught her.

Natasha says you are getting Pandya store, I will do a job now for Suman’s sake. Amrish says our house Bahus’ don’t do a job, its my last decision.

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