Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with Arjun asking krishna that you are so powerful that thousands of evils like jarasan are nothing in front of you but then how did you thought of leaving the battlefield so krishna asks Arjun what is the first duty of a true warrior then Arjun replies to secure his people’s lives under his rule. Right says Krishna so a warriors duty is to secure people & its ultimate solution is war hence to secure your people if we had to leave the battlefield then be it. Arjun asks Krishna that if we have to secure our people then why this war? Krishna explains him the past & present policy. Arjun is asking to know what were the conditions which made you leave the battlefield by taking curse on you of running away. Krishna tells that whether jarasan would be killed or

no but he would have killed all brahmans so to save them it was my solution of leaving the battlefield by taking curse on me.
Krishna is running back from the battlefield & jarasan is following him shouting & ordering all his people too. Jarasan is keeping on cursing Krishna & warning him that he will be killed by me anyhow as you cannot runaway from your death.

Balarama is telling Krishna to stop the rath by going wrong direction but Krishna does not listen to him & explains him that our first motive is to save our brahmans so the rath is going towards right direction & will not stop.

Jarasan is following & cursing Krishna.

Krishna stops the rath in front of a mountain & tells balaram to come. Balaram refuses saying I am not going to leave battlefield but Krishna tells him to achieve our goal this mountain itself is going to help us & Krishna takes along Balarama.

Jarasan following the rath stops seeing & says that you are now trapped as this mountain has no place to hide & no route to go beyond this.

Maharaj ugrasen is assuring about jarasan’s end & after his death his name will be washed out completely. Akroor is telling maharaj that today something odd has happened which will make us feel shameless so maharaj asks what has happened then he states that Krishna has ran away from the battlefield facing jarasan & hearing this maharaj becomes wild stating impossible & all are in silent mode. Akroor is explaining maharaj about it & diverted his directions of rath towards mountain by making more shameless feeling that the evil jarasan was keeping following them. All the villagers hearing this are speaking to maharaj how we will be secured if a warrior runs away. Gurudev is explaining all villagers about sunrise & sunset so to not to worry as there must be some specific plan by which Krishna must have left the battlefield. Maharaj orders akroor to give him perfect information about Krishna.

Balarama & Krishna are walking on the mountain & Balarama says that you must have some plan but jarasan won’t stop following us but Krishna replies that after some time he will get tired & stop following us & they keep walking. Balaram says that if at all we ran away then too how you believe he won’t kill brahmans then krishna tells Balarama to remind what jarasan’s challenge was & he says that if at all jarasan loses or wins in this battle then too the brahmans will be killed, so here as we have not fought with him nor he has lost or won then he has no other choice but to release brahmans. But Balarama says that if it happens as you think then too jarasan will not leave following you so krishna says that is what I want as to divert his attention from brahmans so by following me he will waste his time but Balarama says that it is ok but how much time we will hide ourselves in this mountain. Krishna calms Balarama & tells him to wait as I will return soon.

Krishna is calling jarasan from top of the mountain & says that he can’t kill brahmans so jarasan asks who will stop me so Krishna tells him that your promise will stop you so he asks how then Krishna explains him about what he had said. So jarasan accepts he had promised then Krishna tells him that as no war happened so how winning or losing arise. Then jarasan starts cursing Krishna & says that I will kill you trickster & you will not leave from here. Krishna tells him to kill me you have to come up as I am waiting for you.

Jarasan tells his person dhumketu to surround this mountain & bring this Krishna to me as I want to kill him by my own hands & they all disburse.

The person comes to jarasan saying that Krishna has closed all roads going towards mountain so jarasan says impossible then the person says we tried all efforts but in vain as this kasht mountain has no roads to go. But jarasan understands this is kasht mountain & feels that Krishna itself has fallen in big trap now. The person asks how then jarasan laughs & warns Krishna about fire end for you & orders to shoot fire arrows towards the kasht mountain. The mountain is engulfed by fire all around & shouts towards Krishna that he will wait till this whole mountains does not get into ashes including you.

Maharaj ugrasen understands about the mountain getting engulfed under fire & talking about Krishna being on the mountain thinking & crying of losing him & all villagers are also crying. Maharaj says how can Krishna get burnt in such simple fire who has killed an evil like kansa which is impossible & may be this is wrong information. Akroor is saying this is the truth which is unbelievable & maharaj becomes unstable but is calmed.

Gurudev is telling akroor this not possible but he tells gurudev that it was a kasht mountain which is destroyed into ashes & Krishna did not come out from that. All villagers are saying to maharaj that if shrikrishna itself is not alive then who will secure us now. Akroor says it has become disgusting & now jarasan will not leave us all & maharaj states that there is no other option left then to runaway from Mathura. Gurudev tries to convince maharaj to not to take any decision without consulting Krishna as I have faith in Krishna but maharaj says inspite akroor saying then gurudev says akroor said what he saw but seeing is not yet believing & explains all krishna’s past achievements who cannot be ended by this way which is impossible. Gurudev is in search by his meditation to what has happened with shrikrishna.

Krishna is telling balarama to move the big stone & a hole immerges under the stone by which they are saved. Balarama tells Krishna that he has understood his plan now so order me what to do next. Krishna tells Balarama that now you only have to complete the future task as you know it very well so Balarama replies that it will be done but makes me feel now that to move towards religious place is time now. Yes says Krishna so you go as I have to do some work which is leftover & balarama tells Krishna I will wait for you & they both disburse.

Krishna saying in his minds to gurudev that now you have to complete your task ahead as I have done till here because now jarasan will return to Mathura.

Precap: Krishna telling Arjun after killing kansa & rising dwarka my one motive was completed & time had come of my life’s new lesson which starts with vidarbha’s rajkumari.

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