Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with rukmani is calling Krishna to save her before anything wrong happens. She is distressingly praying Krishna to come. Rukmani’s brother comes in her room shouting that I will destroy this Krishna if you think again of him. He takes her away.

Krishna sees this happening in his senses. He says that from today I honor you as without seeing me, knowing me you loved me so today for your love, for your rights I am coming there rukmani.

Rukmani is trying to explain her brother about Krishna but he retaliates saying I do not want to hear anything & hits by his weapon everywhere. He is forcing her very badly & says that from today I do not allow you to use your rights for yourself. Rukmani’s brother is telling father mother that I have decided rukamni’s

future & to order her to accept my proposal but his father says I can’t accept your decision. Rumkani’s brother is explaining his father about rukmani’s love towards their enemy Krishna but rukmani says this is not father’s mistake then her brother shuts her saying you do not have to tell me who is at mistake. This is because the extreme love of father on you & also tells his father that you are also at mistake because you too respect Krishna. His father is explaining about Krishna everything & the knowledge of rule too. He also says that rukmani also has her rights to select her life partner. Rukmani’s brother says nothing is important than benefit of our rule. This may create enmity between our people around us so to tell her to sacrifice her rights for our ruling world & to break krishna’s ornaments as time has come to send proposal to shishupal. Rukmani is crying in pain. Her brother forces her to accept. Her brother is telling his father to start arrangements & about shishupal’s history too.
Krishna is talking with his loving horses to become strong for future task which will start to achieve our goal. Balarama comes stopping Krishna asking where are you going so Krishna is ignoring to answer him but Balarama tells Krishna that he understands what is your plan & shows Krishna the letter of rukmani. Krishna is surprised & tells to give this letter so Balarama says that you did a mistake by leaving this letter there so this is the girl who has called you which makes me feel that she loves you very much for whom you are taking the world’s fastest rath & horses, am I right asks Balarama. Yes says Krishna as you are saying true. Balarama is explaining about his current status & how much it will benefit for our this ruling world. Balarama is warning Krishna about the girl he is thinking of marrying is our enemies daughter so to think twice before coming to a conclusion. Krishna is explaining Balarama about details of human birth & importance of love & dedication to which we should also respect opposite persons faith in us. Balarama has no other choice in krishna’s talks so hands over the letter to Krishna & Krishna takes leave from Balarama by taking blessings from him.

Arjun asks Krishna if you had already knew from rukmani about her marriage then you would have gone directly by taking all your army standing in front of them or you alone would have also been enough for them to not to stop you then why you had to change your form in a woman to go there. So Krishna replies that I do not do anything without any specific goal. Krishna explains Arjun about the behavior of a woman in love & delicacy. Arjun tells Krishna to tell me in more details so Krishna explains all what happened.

Rukmani is talking with her sister in law who always supports her. Rukmani also tells her that I cannot marry anybody else but only shrikrishna whom I am dedicated completely now. Her sister in law also explains her in details as she is aware of it but advises to start the process of proposal only. They both are talking about such incidents come across in life which makes woman helpless. Rukmani is against her advice but her sister in law tells rukmani that your brother must have completed the formalities by going to shishupal. Rukmani falls in confusion.

Rukmani’s brother is doing initial process of rukmani’s marriage with shishupal in their palace by promising him. They are talking within themselves & relatives around about all kinds of pros & cons in this marriage. Rukmani’s brother clears their all hurdle thoughts & also invites them to his palace with all. Shishupal asks rukmani’s brother that I have one doubt that your rukmani is deeply in love of vasudev krishna which I have heard so he replies this is half-truth.

Rukmani is still talking with her sister in law about marriage & love. Her sister in law tells her she respects her love for Krishna but It can only happen when he comes here but the truth is he can’t come here but rukmani reciprocates that she has full faith in her love that he will come as he has to come because no power can stop him by coming to me.

Precap: Rukmani’s sister in law is telling her father that she is not scared by her brother as she has clearly stated that without Krishna she won’t marry anybody. Rukmani is saying madhav when will you come so she hears his voice that I am here only & she turns around finding some surprising woman behind.

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