Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th March 2018 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th March 2018 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th March 2018 Written Episode

The episode starts with radha bringing hanuman disguised as villager and wrestler in the village. Everyone welcome hanuman and say who are you? Radha says he is bajrangi and his parents left him in the forest so I brought him here. Balram is angry and says why did you bring him here? Radha says he was hungry. Nand says to brij bhanu, we have to dig up a hole for water as all water has dried up in vrindavan, if we don’t get water people will starve to death. everyone agree. Hanuman says even I will help in digging the hole. Balram says no need for that, I will do it myself. Hanuman looks at balram and remember laxman, he thinks it is the same anger, he hasn’t changed a bit, I wanted to see this anger for years, I am happy now. Balram tells his friends to bring laddoos for him, they bring

and balram eats laddoos. He then gets power and using his axe, balram starts digging the hole. Hanuman sees all people are thirsty.
There as balram digs, damodar falls down unconscious and everyone panic. Kanha says damu kaka get up, someone bring water. Nand says there is no more water left, what to do now? Hanuman goes to the south side of the village and uses his gadha and hits the ground strongly, he creates a small lake with water coming inside and 2 more wells. Hanuman takes some water and goes to damodar. He says here I brought water. Everyone is amazed, they give damodar water and he gets well. Balram says bajrangi where did you bring the water from? Hanuman says I brought it from the south side, there are 4 wells there with abundant water. Everyone is surprised and yashoda says but how? We checked everything and there was only 1 well. Hanuman says if you don’t believe me you can check there, maybe you all did not see properly. All people say lets go there, we want water right now otherwise we may die. All people go to the wells and jump in the water, they drink and bath, everyone is happy. Kanha thinks thank you hanuman. Hanuman thinks prabhu I did it because I care for all people, I shall protect everyone. Kanha smiles.
There suryadev sees hanuman and says it was hanuman, I cannot come closer to earth while hanuman is with the people of vrindavan, suryadev remembers the time hanuman was a child and he gulped the sun into his stomach. Suryadev takes the sun back to its place.
Indra dev laughs in his palace and says so suryadev you came back too? Scared? Indra dev says what happened so much that you were scared of? Why did you come back? What scared the great suryadev? Suryadev says it was ram bhakt hanuman devraj! It was hanuman. Indra dev is shocked. Suryadev says you know well what hanuman is capable of, he had gulped me once and I don’t wish to see that darkness again in my life, I will not be able to do anything. Indra dev says this hanuman has become a problem now, he was a kid then but now I cannot use my powers to fight him, he is powerful. I have to do something.
Narad muni asks lord Vishnu why was suryadev scared of hanuman? Lord Vishnu tells the story when hanuman was born he was sleeping in his room and he saw the sun shining through the trees and thinking of it as a mango, hanuman flew to the sun and he took and ate the sun thinking it as a mango.
There in vrindavan, radha says to kanha, kanha I am angry on you, you did not care for the pearl necklace I gave you. Radha’s friends say kanha you should not have disrespected radha’s love for you. Radha says kanha unless you bring the necklace, I will not talk to you. Radha calls bajrangi and goes with him.
Indra dev sees and says why is hanuman staying in vrindavan and why is he listening to this girl? Indra dev says maybe I can use that girl to throw out hanuman from vrindavan.

Precap: indra dev as disguised shows the pearl necklace to radha and says kanha lost it right? Don’t forgive him. Radha is sad and angry.

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