Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with Krishna telling balarama time has come to get ready to fight with the army of jarasan but balaram is asking how will this happen & Krishna shows balaram a rath & says that this rath will help us to fight with jarasan army & Balarama is happy with it.

Both come near the rath & Balarama knows the rath as krishan tells him the past use of this rath. The person on the rath welcomes them. Krishna is giving details of all what is on the rath including horses. They both stand in the rath. Balarama is understanding all weapons & asking all weapons are which you achieved in sanjeewani & yes says Krishna & explaining all past & powerful history of each weapon. Balarama understands & says that jarasan will not be spared now

& tells krishan we will go to battle field but krishna tells him to hold weapons in your arms & gives him important weapons to hold. Krishna says now we are ready to move to the battle field & tells person to take the rath to battle field.
Maharaj ugrasen is seeing map of other villages surrounding & discussing plans with vasudev, gurudev & all. They are talking about those villages which will help us to fight. Senapati comes running that krishan & Balarama has moved alone to battle field to fight with jarasan. Vasudev & maharaj are thinking how they decided alone. Gurudev understands this. Maharaj consoles vasudev & goes to see what happens at battle field.

Rath is moving fast to battle field on orders of Krishna.

Krishna is calling jarasan where are you as we have come to face you.

The doors are not getting opened for maharaj ugrsen & gurudev as door keepers say the orders are given by krishna & to tell you to not to worry as he will come soon. Gurudev convinces maharaj ugrasen to listen to Krishna as he always has some reason behind this to decide which has never failed in the past too & even which has also never harmed his life.

Jarasan & klrishna are face to face. Jarasan is talking to Krishna that you are that trickster who is avatar of prabhu Vishnu & says unbelievable laughingly. Happy to meet you & also more happy by understanding also that you are not a simple guala who has courage to face jarasan who doesn’t give easy death to his enemies & so I will also kill you like others by which all will get to know that you are fake & not avatar of Vishnu.

Krishna is telling jarasan that words can be stopped but not words uttered by the mouth so now listen to me very carefully that I am not enemy of yours but I am enemy of evil part of yours so stop your evil behavior & return back. Jarasan is replying warning that you are giving me so Krishna says no as a chance offered to you of repenting. Jarasan is angry & reciprocates Krishna that I give you chance to return back instead & will gift you your life or what has never happened before will happen today, till today I have not used blood on my forehead but today I will use your winning blood on my forehead. Balarama get angry & tells jarasan to stop your words & jarasan asks then what so Balarama replies you will be crushed in mud. Jarasan laughs saying mouse warning to lion. Balarama says that if you are lion who has attitude on his powers then don’t talk in words & come do war with me. Jarasan says that this will be big war & orders senapati to come ahead. Jarasan tells Krishna see how my army is coming & this will be end of your life so get ready to die.

Vasudev, maharaj ugrasen, gurudev & all are moving to watch from palace on the battlefield. Maharaj is telling gurudev that you said nothing will happen to kanha but kanha & Balarama are surrounded by army of jarasan. Gurudev is convincing maharaj to not to worry as this must be preplan of Krishna.

Krishna is holding his great sarang bow & maharaj & all including jarasan is stunned & surprised. Krishna just pulls the lid of bow & a sound rotates pushing & throwing all in one shot including jarasan falling down on the ground too. Krishna is asking balarama that are you hungry so he replies yes as I am hungry of killing this army now. Balarama is asking jarasan that what kind of army is this which can’t sustain my kanha’s bow sound. Jarasan is angry saying you are talking too much & calls for attack & all have got up to run & attack.

Krishna picks bow & shoots an arrow in the sky which creates fire & storm. All including maharaj facing storm asking gurudev what is this happening & gurudev is replying that this is beyond my predictions too & gives us clear indications of some good news to be arrived soon but maharaj is asking on what basis you are saying gurudev is telling that my base is only one that is my Krishna who does anything but results are ultimate & positive.

Krishna tells jarasan that I have don’t attack first but to give one more chance as per my policy which was given to you but you rejected. So I have blocked battlefield by which nobody can go from here without his death. Jarasan says that how to cut the blocks I know very well as you do not understand how powerful I am which I will show you now.

Precap: Jarasan is telling krishha to not to dream of killing my army as you both will die ultimately & orders his army to attack. Krishna is moving his rath & jarasan is shouting why are you running away from the battlefield.

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