Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd January 2020 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd January 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd January 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with pondrik welcoming devi dwarika & she tells him you can’t change the name of dwarika as this is my presence so he tells her this is good than the name has to be changed so she tells him after doing this what will happen are you aware of then he tells her I know as this will wash out krishna’s name & that’s what I wish to do so go & tell Krishna what I am doing while he orders brahman to arrange for name change & dwarika prays to Krishna.
Jalbharat is getting ready for sacrifice while the mukhiya rishi of village doing arrangement & also feels this is one person whom I have never seen like him before so as they are trying to behead him & Krishna comes stopping them.
Dwarika is discussing with Rukmini about what pondrik is upto so to stop this then Rukmini is explaining her about her helplessness but to wait for sometime till he does not do evil & finds himself in evil act to get punished.
Krishna explains them this is not proper way of sacrificing human’s for impressing mata but they do not listen to him & tell him that we have been doing this way itself & mata gets impressed so we will do this way only then Krishna tells them you won’t listen to me this way so I will pray mata to correct you so they tell him you pray & we will also pray & as Krishna prays then mata immerges & tells the people that you are all killer of human’s so you need to be killed & she kills them all.
Pondrik is talking with people of village in dwarika while they are impressed with him because of he helped them getting wealth so they ask him what you wish then he tells them this name should be changed from dwarika to pondrik puri & pondrik should be blessed & devoted so they ask him what about god Krishna then he replies I want to finish him & his existence & all temples should be changed from Krishna to pondrik’s statues.
As mata kills all agoori villagers as punishment so Krishna calms her & also thanks her for doing good deed for safety of this world & she also prays Krishna & thanks him for opening her eyes.
Jalbharat shouts saying now your time is finished & I do not wish to sacrifice so open my eyes & Krishna opens his eyes explaining how mata has given them their punishment of this evil deed & jalbharat thanks mata & prays her.
All gods & guru also praise mata & Krishna too about this good deed.
Jalbharat is asking if they were doing good work then why they got killed by mata then he explains him that they were doing evil deed as they have no rights to take anybody’s life as it’s only gods rights to take life of anybody so he says now I understood this as you explains so nicely & praises Krishna.
Guru talks about prabhu saying nobody can understand what prabhu can think & resolve in his way which is ultimate & so jalbharat was also getting smart & getting his roads opened. Indra is telling gurudev that this pondrik is becoming more & more evil as he might wash out krishna’s presence while he is doing yagna for himself in dwarika so guru tells indra that now we have to go & stop him.
Pondrik is doing yagna so guru vraspati comes stopping & explaining him to not to do this against prabhu Krishna so he curses Krishna telling guru to go & do your meditation for Krishna but guru warns him telling him that you are inviting your killing but he ignores him saying now you will also pray for me as nobody stop me now.
Jalbharat is talking with Krishna in jungle while some villagers come chanting prayers of Krishna so he asks them from where are you coming then they tell him someone has arranged a huge bhandara from where we have eaten so delicious food so you too go there & he feels happy & tells Krishna lets go there as without any efforts we are getting food but Krishna stops him explaining that we have to know first from where this food has come then he tells why should we see that so he explains that it might be some evil person who is arranging food & takes support of religion & they keep discussing but jalbharat ignores telling you don’t come but I will go there & he proceeds.

Precap: Krishna will teach lessons of truth to jalbharat.

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