Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with mahadev immerging & calling shashirayan to get up & tells him that your meditation has impressed me & tell me what you wish so shashrayan says that I do not want anything but if you are impressed by me then boon me such a son who should never killed by anybody & blessed by you. mahadev give him the boon of his son as he wished & won’t be killed by anybody or any weapon which will come to kill him. Shashirayan is happy & prays mahadev while leaving.

Arjun is asking Krishna that it was no use of boon by mahadev then how he was killed. Krishna is explaining the basics of human life in this world which is already decided & tells Arjun in details of kalyavan too.

Kalyavan in disguise in guala is roaming in the village

saying Krishna that I will disturb you by the bloods of this village people. Kalyaval picks a weapon to kill while he sees krishan in guala form & talks with Krishna saying how you here so Krishna asking kalyaval whom were you killing by this weapon & he replies to kill you but first I will kill these villagers in front of you & you won’t be able to do anything to me. Kalyaval goes to kill but again Krishna comes in front of him & he shouts that you are playing tricks with me & you will see that I will kill all your Mathura people now. Kalyaval wherever dashes finds Krishna itself & feels angered by this & shouts I will kill all. Krishna says who all will you kill as you will always find me there where ever you go due to I am in everyone’s heart & soul & can also clutch you. Krishna is roaming in village & kalyaval is seeing Krishna. Kalyaval is challenging krishan to fight with me.
Krishna is instigating kalyaval & he is running behind Krishna searching but Krishna is deliberately doing this to take kalyaval behind him as your end is ultimate says krishna. Kalyaval is tired running & Krishna is instigating why you are so tired kalyaval so he replies why are you running then Krishna says that I am not running as waiting for you so come soon till I take rest. Kalyaval is thinking to play some triclk to catch Krishna so he hides & moves slowly & silently but Krishna knows this so Krishna also hides & kalyaval is surprised. Kalyaval is angry & says that Krishna now I will kill you.

Jarasan is laughing & happily saying Krishna this is kalyaval & will return after killing you only & if you are still alive then too my wish will be achieved by killing you as I have more better solutions to kill you which won’t keep you alive & laughs.

Kalyaval is moving in the dark jungle searching Krishna seeing a colorful cloth & goes behind to hot by weapon but the cloth vanishes. He becomes arrogant by this saying Krishna wait I’ll come now & Krishna call him to come here. As kalyaval comes then Krishna again vanishes & kalyaval keeps searching. Krishna tells kalyaval that it was my game plan to get you over here as your end has come because og you itself where no weapon or any power no any attack which will be used to kill you.

Balarama is searching Krishna in village Mathura asking if anybody seen Krishna. Balarama & akroor are in question where Krishna can be but akroor is telling Balarama of possibility of jarasan but Balarama is trying to tell akroor that Krishna told it is not jarasan but again akroor is trying to convince Balarama that nobody was seen by anybody any disguise person then Balarama thinks you may be right as Krishna blindly believes anybody & Balarama goes to search Krishna outside Mathura. Akroor understands this plan by Krishna to kill klayaval.

Kalyaval is in jungle watching the cloth & shouting about Mathura people as fools thinking Krishna will save them from me. Kalyaval is running everywhere searching Krishna & hears a voice shouting I will kill you & hot his weapon but gets hit back & klyaval falls down on the ground. An old man comes on the ground saying who is this fool who is woke me from my sleep. Kalyaval is abgry by the old man & asks who are you calling me fool. Krishna comes near the old man saying he is my devotee. Kalyaval is saying againg you are playing a new trick with me now.

Precap: Jarasan is shouting Krishna to come forward & face me. Balarama is come running to Krishna telling jarasan has attacked & what are doing here so Krishna explains that he knows but he has come alone so there must be reason behind this.

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