Parineetii 14th November 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 14th November 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 14th November 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pami says to Pari you are crying for Neeti who wants to kill you? She hates you. Pari says she is angry. Pami says she’s not your friend anymore. She’s your enemy now who wants to take your life. you should let her go from this house. Forget she’s your friend. If there was anyone they’d send her to jail. Pari I can’t live without Neeti. I can’t let her suffer like this. our lives are tied together. We will always be friends. Please stop her. I won’t let her go. sanju comes there. Pari says Rajiv please stop Neeti. I beg you. Sanju leaves in anger. Neeti says I don’t care anymore. I will only listen to Sanju. Sanju comes to Neeti. He says do you really want to go? Neeti says yes. Sanju opens the gate and says if you’ve decided you can go. If that makes you happy I won’t come between your happiness.

Neeti recalls her moments with Sanju. She walks past him and leaves the house. They recall their moments with each other. Sanju comes to Neeti. He says don’t go. Neeti says are you saying from the heart? Sanju says isn’t saying enough? She says no. I wanna hear from you if you really want me to stay? I have some self-respect too. Sanju says do you want to live here? Neeti says I want to live with you but on a condition. You know that condition. You’ve to choose between me and Pari. We can’t live together. Sanju says to Pari did you listen? This is why I wasn’t stopping her. She’s still stubborn. Neeti says so you didn’t stop me yourself but she asked you to? You are doing so wrong. She’s a snake who has eaten up my happiness. I can’t live with her. Salojna says to Pari at least now get away from standing between Neetii and Sanju. Why do you wanna destroy their marriage? shame on you. A girl like you belongs to hell. Pami says enough. I won’t hear a word against my daughter. Pami says stop your daughter from being a third woman and stealing their happiness. Pami says she’s done nothing. She has always saved their marriage. She sacrificed her marriage, home, and happiness for Neeti. And Neeti tried to kill her in return. And Neeti still has conditions? Pari still asked Sanju to stop her but she’s still hell-bent. Neeti says I am glad the truth came out. He doesn’t care if I stay here or not. But he only cares about Pari being sad. He only cares about Pari. Only one person matters to you. Am I right? Sanju says yes. I asked you to stay here because Pari asked. Do you wanna ask anything else. She says no. I wanna tell you good bye. Neeti leaves. Sanju goes after her.

Neeti falls. Sanju holds her. Pari says Neeti are you okay? Sanju says let me dress your wound. she says with what right should I go in? The house where my sautan lives. As your second wife? It was your job to give me my rights of a wife. If you’re against me and giving my rights to someone else how can I go in such house. Pari says what are you saying. Please come in. Neeti shoves her and says stay away. Sanju says you’re hurting. She says this pain is nothing in front of the pain you gave me. Neeti says leave my hand. Don’t touch me with the hand you filled her hairline with. You should be happy. You lost me. I won’t come between you both ever. You can stay with her. Sanju says please don’t go. Let’s sit and talk. Neeti says I am going. He says it wont’ sort anything. She says you better not talk about sorting things. You kick Pari out everything will settle. He says your ego is speaking. She’s the same Pari who knew everything yet sacrificed everything for you. She was my first wife but asked for no rights. Neeti says you can keep proving her right. He says I am equally responsible. How can you forget your friendship for your love. She says friends like her are worse than enemies. I wish she never came to my life and never became my friend.

Precap- Pami says we’ve to find a solution instead of blaming each other. Sukwinder says you are also responsible for her marriage breaking.

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