Parineetii 16th March 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 16th March 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 16th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pari prays for Neeti. she says I hope everything goes fine. Neeti is generally agitated. She will be a mother soon. Everyone is happy with her. I don’t know why she is so stressed. Neeti shifts on the sofa. Sanju says what is all this? She says I am tired. Sanju says what’s the problem? You’re acting like a typical wife. She says you’ve become a typical husband. He says I am sorry. Why are you going away from me? She says you brought distance between us. Sanju hugs Neeti. He says I was so scared. I never want to go away from you, your family, and Pari. Neeti says, Pari? How did she come between us? What’s wrong with you? He says you’re jealous of your friend? I like you’re possessive. She says I don’t know about you. Sanju hugs her. He says I love you. Neeti says leave me. He says why are you so mad. You’ve changed a lot. she says time changes everything. Sanju says I like these changes. You’re special. Neeti says we should never love, it brings problems. Sanju says what are you saying. I was joking. she says you have made our love joke. I don’t need your love or favors. Sanju says I am sorry. Neeti says I am an idiot. You stay happy. She goes to sleep. Sanju hugs Neeti. He says do you want me to sleep on the sofa? She says I don’t know. do what you want. You do what you want anyway.

Scene 2
The next morning everyone wants breakfast. Chandrika brings juice. Chandika says mummy ji never called me Bangalan. She always considered me her Punjabi bahu. Gurinder says I am sorry. You’re very nice. You are the best DIL. I have changed. I apologized to Pari and today to you. All credit goes to Pari. There can never be a better girl than her. Pari brings breakfast. Someone comes from the hospital and brings the report. Sanju opens it. Pari says I want Neeti to open this report. Neeti sees it. Sanju asks what’s there? He reads and says it’s positive. Pari is pregnant with our child. Everyone is happy. They hug and congratulate each other. Everyoen hugs Pari. Gurinder says to PAri you brought this happiness to this house. thank you, she hugs her. Everyoen dances. Sanju hugs Neeti. Pami says we are all so happy because of Pari. We should celebrate. Everyoen says yes party. Pami says for our Pari. Neeti leaves in anger.

Neeti cries. She thinks about what everyone said. Sanju hugs her. Sanju asks what happened. Tell me. She recalls him with Pari. She says leave my hand. Sanju says tell me what’s wrong. Your behavior is hurting me a lot. How will I know if you don’t tell me? I will solve whatever it is. Neeti says there’s no point. He says I am your husband. I will fix everything. Neeti says I am hurt because you have hurt me. He says I will heal you too. Neeti says stop it. I am fine. Pari hears it all. She wonders what happened to her.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari hugs Neeti. she says everything will be fine. Neeti says nothing will be fine. Pari says I will never let anything wrong happen to you. I know you wanted to give birth to your child yourself. I can know your pain. Neeti says no one can. Leave me alone. Pari says okay. Bebe comes. Neeti says I don’t know what to do. Pari’s report is positive. She has my child. I feel so bad. She leaves. Sarojna says Neeti will be out of this house soon.

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