Parineetii 16th September 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 16th September 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 16th September 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pari tells Pami that she has to go. Pami asks why? Pari says its our ritual, I am sorry. Pami says I don’t end to talk to you then. Pari hugs her. Pami says fine, you can go if its a ritual. I pray for your happiness.

Neeti tells Bebe that this is wrong, we always failed. Bebe says because of you only. You lose everything because of your friendship. Neeti says I can’t take risk as Sanju and Pari becomes closer. Bebe says Pari is pregnant with this family’s heir so they will never let her go. If the baby is born then your life will be destroyed. This family will praise her like never before. Neeti says mummy is with me. Bebe says once Gurvindar gets a grandson then Pari will be her favourite and who will be you in that child’s life. Sanju will give importance to Pari too. You should kill the baby before its born. Neeti falls down and cries.

Bubbly comes to Pari and asks her to eat something. Pari is waiting for Neeti. Bubbly asks her to eat something for the baby at least. She tells her to stop looking for Neeti, she won’t come. Just wait for some days and then we will leave.

Neeti is sitting alone and thinking about Pari leaving. Sanju comes there but leaves without talking to her. Neeti looks around for Pari but she doesn’t come.

Scene 2
In the morning , Pari gives aarti to Neeti. Sanju takes it from her too. Neeti does aarti, Pari gets a call and leaves. Sanju worries for her. Bebe says I need to talk to Neeti. She takes her from there.

Bebe brings Neeti to the same hitman. Neeti says why did you call him? Bebe says you should finish your work. Neeti says killing the baby? I dont want to do it. Bebe says then Pari will throw you out of Sanju’s life. Neeti says that won’t happen. She leaves. Bebe goes behind her. Neeti tells bebe that whenever we tried to separate Pari and Sanju by hurting her then Sanju goes away from me. Bebe says we shouldn’t lose hope just because we failed once or twice. What if we separate them permanently? Even if Pari leaves, she will come back. Neeti says we will think about that later. She leaves. Bebe says I know she will come back to me.

Bubbly asks Pari about items in the house and she tells her. Bubbly says you act like you are a part of this family. Sanju comes there and asks Pari to call her mother and tell her that she won’t go anywhere. Pari says I won’t do that, Neeti needs you. Sanju says enough with Neeti, I just care about you.

The episode ends.

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