Parineetii 4th June 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 4th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 4th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gurinder says Neeti can’t do that. Pari says she shoved you from the roof. Gurinder is shocked. Pari says she killed my child as well. I was blinded by her love. I let her do all this. Everyone tried to warn me but I didn’t listen to anyone. Neeti considered me her enemy. She wanted to take my love, husband, family, and child. Neeti attacked me and shoved me in the well. She tried to kill me today as well. She hit me with her car. I have to stop this wedding. Gurinder hugs her. She says I didn’t know she did all this. She killed Sanju’s child. Thank God you’re okay. But don’t worry. I will be with you. We will both expose her and stop this wedding. Just don’t tell this to Sanju right? He is sick and worried. He got worried when you fainted. He took care of you a lot. He cares about you a lot. Pari says I am only alive because of me. Gurinder says he’s not well. Let him rest. Neeti is with the family at the temple. What if she harms them? Find out if she’s pregnant or not. Pari says we need her blood samples. Gurinder says she takes sleeping pills. When she sleeps go to her house and get a blood sample. Don’t tell anyone for now. Gurinder hugs her.

Scene 2
Neeti is sleeping. Pari comes to her house. She tries to take her blood sample. Pari leaves. Neeti wakes up. Bebe says you could kill her. This girl is so annoying. She says once I marry and take Sanju in control I will kill her. Pari tells the nurse to get the blood tested.

Sanju opens the gate. Pari comes home. Sanju hugs her. He says I missed you. You were unconscious for 3 days. I was so worried for you. I was so scared. Thank God you’re okay. I complained about your accident. Why didn’t you meet me after waking up? I missed you so much. Pari hugs him and cries. He says don’t cry. Wait here. Sanju goes in. The nurse reports to Pari. Gurinder and Pari check the report. It’s positive. They are shocked. Gurinder says it’s Sanju’s child don’t do anything to that. Pari says I won’t stop that low. I will just have to protect my family from Neeti. Gurinder says I am with you.

Pari says to Gurinder we should tell Rajiv about Neeti’s truth. She will try to kill me. Gurinder says I am with you. Pari says he deserves to know the truth. Gurinder says I am like your mom. You’re like a daughter to me. I trust you. I know you will protect my son. I don’t trust my Neeti. She will kill Sanju. we will tell Sanju when everyone is here. Pari says we can call everyone. Gurinder says what if she harms them? We have to be conscious. Please don’t tell anyone. I beg you, please save Sanju. Pari says okay I won’t tell anyone. Gurinder says I am with you.

Scene 2
Chandrika gives Pami water and her medicines. She says I will see the arrangements. Pami is worried about Pari’s accidents. She says I can’t keep doubting. Pari is worried. She waits at home. Sanju comes there. Pari gets scared. Sanju says I thought we should have dinner together tonight. Tomorrow things will change. He says I planned a surprise for you. Neeti says Bebe if Pari goes to Tai ji our plan will be ruiend. Gurinder says that won’t happen. Dont worry. She won’t tell anyone. I scared her. She won’t tell Sanju. She will die with all the secrets. She says Pari will die in Vashnav Devi. Sanju brings Pari to the room. It’s all decorated. He sprinkles her with roses. She says I love the surprise. He says I love your smile.

Bebe says we will kill her after the wedding. Gurinderr says she can die before the wedding too. Gurider says Sanju would think it’s an accident.

Episode ends

Precap: Neeti says to Biji that Gurinder is acting like Pari’s mother and will screw her by taking advantage of it. RajiPariys to pari that he loves her and wants to spend life with her and makes a promise that they won’t leave each other. Neeti hands the gun to Biji.

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