Pyaar Ke Paapad 27th July 2019 Written Update

Pyaar Ke Paapad 27th July 2019 Written Update by Amena

Pyaar Ke Paapad 27th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shalu coming to Triloki’s room and stealing the cash. Triloki is sleeping. Alankar smiles. She keeps the keys back and goes. Deenu wakes up and asks what are you doing. She says I m preparing for my exams. He asks her to tell the truth. She asks him not to doubt on her always. She goes to sleep. He thinks something is wrong, what is she doing. Its morning, Omkar comes to Suhana. He asks what happened. She says I was happy to get job in your bank, the branch got changed. He asks are you upset for this. She says the senior’s behavior isn’t right, he stares at me and tries to touch.

He asks how can you tolerate all this, why didn’t you complain. She says he will know it and fire me from job. He says its not right to tolerate this for job, self respect is imp, you

can at least stop him. She says I m just avoiding him. He says this isn’t a solution, fill the branch change application, I will try my best that you get job in my branch, I will complain against that manager. She thanks and hugs him. He asks her to go to bank. He leaves. Suhana smiles.
Omkar stops Shivika and romances. O mahi….plays… Jaya sees Jagat and family pic. She says how shall I say how much I m missing you. She calls Maya and asks for Mikki. Maya says she has gone to the market with Jagat, come back to scold me. They cry. Jaya says I will talk later, and disconnects. Shivika asks Omkar where was he. Omkar compliments her. She says you have to get ready, we have to go for the movie soon. Suhana comes and says I have an imp work. Omkar says we have a movie plan. Suhana says new appointees are given imp work, can you cancel the plan, I can’t manage the work alone. Omkar says fine, I will help you after we come back, don’t worry. Shivika says we are going for a movie, we will have dinner and come, complete as much as you can, all the best. Omkar and Shivika leave.

Jaya thinks to call Jagat. She says what if he doesn’t call me. She calls Jagat. He sees Mikki and answers the call. She asks won’t you call me home. He asks her to talk to Mikki. Mikki cries and asks her when will she come. Jaya cries. Jagat says I will see what to do. He ends call. He consoles Mikki and asks her to buy a new doll.

Triloki stops Shalu and asks about the bill. He asks how did you shop so many things, how did you get so much money. She lies that she went for shopping with friend, the bill isn’t of her. He says then your friend should have it, give it to her, go.

Suhana waits for Omkar. Shivika and Omkar come home. Suhana says I have to submit the presentation, help me. They apologize. Suhana says I m worried. Omkar says I will change and come. Omkar helps Suhana and says just some of it is left, we will finish this. Suhana gets coffee for him. He says I really needed this, thanks.

Shivika comes there. She asks Omkar to go and sleep. Omkar says just some of it is left. Shivika asks shall I help Suhana, I m not feeling sleepy. Omkar says you can really help her. Suhana says she won’t be able to do this. Omkar says she is the best in making presentations, she used to work with me in bank, don’t worry. He asks Shivika to finish work and come soon. He goes. Shivika asks shall I help. Suhana says no need, I will do it myself. Shivika thinks Suhana’s idea was good to get Omkar here, but the idea flopped, she thought I won’t do anything to save Omkar. Suhana thinks I won’t fail next time. Shivika asks don’t you want my help. Suhana asks her to get away from Omkar’s life. Shivika smiles and goes.

Suhana says my boss made me stay in this hotel. Omkar asks her to send hotel address. Omkar says Suhana is trapped. Shivika thinks Suhana is acting. Omkar drinks the spiked drink and falls down.

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