Qurbaan Hua 30th July 2021 Written Update

Qurbaan Hua 30th July 2021 Written Update by Sona

Qurbaan Hua 30th July 2021 Written Episode

The person threatens to break the door if she doesnot open it, he manages to break it, entering questions where is she as he knows she is hiding, Dua is behind the sofa when he thinks she might have run away from the window so is about to leave, Shlok wakes up and seeing the beep in his watch says that he would also beep in her watch, she is crawling when the watch beeps and runs to catch her, saying she would not be able to run away because she has a really cute face so would be able to earn a lot of money at the signal, he is pulling her when the someone hits him in the head with a vase.

Chahat in anger exclaims she would tear off the hands that try to harm her daughter, Dua calling Chahat as mother hugs her, Chahat is relieved that her daughter finally considers her as mother, she promises that nothing would happen to her, Dua mentions that he desired to make her beg at the signal, Dua says that he has woken up, Chahat assures her of not worrying, she tries to fight with the person when she is overpowered, Neel comes and starts beating the person, Godamabri and Alka also come back and are shocked, Neel explains that it would happen when she desires to be a mother as it takes a family to take care of a child, he picks the person up threatening to send him to jail, he gets up saying that he did this because Neel and Chahat asked him to and they even gave him money, Ghazala standing outside the window thinks that she would not let Neel and Chahat win, she signals the person when Neel sends him away, Alka asks Dua to see what her parents are really doing to get her custody, Alka explains that she knew they would stoop so low so has decided to get married and would leave with Dua to Austria as she has decided to get married, the groom would take her out of this country, Chahat requests Alka to not take her away from her daughter, Alka however asks her to leave and closes the door. Dua wonders why her mother is so wrong as she tried to place her in danger for her own cause.

Neel in the night is scolding Godambari questioning why did she first help Alka get the custody of Dua and is now with her when she plans to take their daughter away from them, Godambari replies that he always considers that she is wrong but she feels she has done what was right, Alka is like her daughter as she has done alot for the family and even Alka is not the only one to consider Dua as her daughter but she also thinks of her as a mother, Neel replies it is not that easy to be a mother as Chahat kept Dua for nine months.

Vyas je stops Neel saying that Godamabri is right as Alka did not get anything in return for taking care of the family even when she has done a lot for them, Vyas je stops Godambari saying that Neel is true that she made a mistake. Chahat sitting with Vyas je exclaims Dua is her daughter so how can she live without her when Alka is taking her abroad, Vyas je asks her to not worry as he will talk with Alka, she asks if Alka doesnot believe him, he exclaims that it would not be the case as he will talk with her in the morning.

Alka is feeding Dua in the morning asking if she thinks it is delicious, Vyas je exclaims she should also feed her pudding, Dua goes to greet Vyas je, he says that she should go and eat it while he talks with Alka, she apologizes but says that she cannot let Neel and Chahat come near her daughter, Vyas je exclaims he knows she really loves her but he came to know she is getting married so wants to meet the person she is marrying as he is like her father so would be relieved knowing she has a suitable, he invites her to his house, Alka also agrees.

Neel hugs Chahat, she asks what is he doing, he replies that he cannot resist when she is looking really pretty, Chahat replies it is not because of him but that Dua is coming with Alka and the person she is marrying, Vyas je has promised that he would convince Alka to live with Dua in their house, she hugs Neel and feels something itching, he pulls out the gift saying it is a surprise but she insists on seeing it so snatches it from him, she is able to see that it is a Mangal Sutur, she asks why did he buy it, he mentions it is because Vyas je said they would once again take the vows at the marriage of Naveli so he decided to make her wear it, he knows it is not allowed in her religion so she can keep it as a gift, Chahat agrees to keep it as they have now taken the love to be their religion. Neel says that he has to even write the vows, she exclaims she has written them all, he forces her to read them out loud, she reads the first vow saying that no problem would come amongst them, just then a car stops in the front gate and a person comes out of it.

She reads the second vow saying that there would be no misunderstanding between them and also there would be love between them, he asks for the fourth vow but she doesnot read it, he tries to make her wear the Mangal Sutur when it breaks, Godamabri coming says that it is not good according to their religion, there is someone at the door, Godambari asks Chahat to go and open it.

Chahat reaches downstairs but feels irritated with the smoke, she opens the door not knowing it is not the plumber she asks the person to come inside, questioning why is he so late as they asked him to come at eight, he however follows her as her dupatta gets stuck in his watch, he quietly follows her, she leads him to the kitchen asking him to fix the tap as it has been broken for three days, so they were forced to fill the water in the utensils, he checks the tap and finds it is clogged with solid materials, he manages to fix it, Chahat asks him to hurry as her eyes are burning, he reveals that the he has fixed the tap, she washes her face, turning is shocked as he is standing close, she asks the reason, he shows he needs the tissue to dry his hands, she shows him the tissue but he picks her dupatta drying his hands with it, thinking that everything has fixed now that he has seen Chahat. She is shocked to see him.

Precap: the person explains that it has been seven years since his parents passed away, he has been looking after the family business in Austria, Vyas je exclaims he desires that he stay in Devpriagh after marrying Alka as he wants to see that his daughter lives before his eyes, if he doesnot accept this condition then cannot be married to Alka.

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