Rab Se Hai Dua 8th September 2023 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 8th September 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 8th September 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua tells Gazal that she won’t go anywhere, Rahat comes there and says she has to go. Get lost from here. Dua says how can you say that? I am your Dua. Rahat says you sent my wife to jail, you can’t be loyal to anyone. You should be ashamed for destroying our honor, you can’t be my daughter. Dua says enough.. you can’t forget what I have done this for my family, you are my father, I can’t leave you, I am not your daughter in law so I won’t go anywhere. Rahat looks on. Gazal thinks I can’t let him melt, she says don’t listen to her, she changes colors like a drama queen. She got Haider and Hina arrested but didn’t stop there and got Ruhaan arrested too. Rahat recalls Hina crying in pain. Dua shouts at her to stop provoking him, he is my father and won’t let anything happen with me. Rahat says I trusted you so much that I left my family with you but you broke everyone in this house, get lost as I don’t want to see your face anymore.

Dua cries and says this is my everything, I won’t go anywhere. Gazal says she is evil, we have to throw her out. She won’t leave on her own. Kaynaat comes there and says she has to leave. She is my mother and brothers’ enemy so she is my enemy, she has no right to live in this house. She grabs Dua and starts dragging her out of the house. Gazal smirks and thinks my plan is working, Haider will be mine. Hafeez comes there and tells Kaynaat that she is crossing her line, is this her upbringing? Kaynaat says I can’t see my family in more pain so take her from hwere. Hafeez says I thought Haider married Gazal in helplessness but you all shameless and disyaloyal, like brother like sister. Ammi was right that you all are shameless, thank God I saw your real face before marrying you. Kaynaat says my life would have destroyed if I married you, I am breaking up with you today. All are shocked. Kaynaat says it was my biggest mistake to marry you. Hafeez says I did a mistake by spending time with you, you are worse than animals. Rahat says first Dua destroyed my son’s life and now this guy tried to trap my daughter? he slaps him and says I won’t spare you. Dua begs him to stop it. Rahat says take him away otherwise I will kill him. He throws Hafeez out of the house. Gazal drags Dua out too and is about to close the door on her face but Haider comes there and stops her. Haider says Dua won’t go anywhere, all are stunned. Gazal says she destroyed our family so she has to leave. Haider says you have no right to throw Dua out of the house, move away. He holds Dua’s hand and brings her back in the house.

Rahat says she has to leave, she destroyed everything. Hina says you promised to make her leave so why did you bring her back? if she stays here then I will leave. Gazal says please throw her out of the house, don’t you remember what she did with Hina? Gulnaz says he is blinded by Dua and can never take a stand against her, you have a chance to throw her out. Dua says enough.. you can curse me all you want but don’t taunt my Haider, he fulfilled his duties as a son. Haider asks her to stop it and says I don’t need your support, these people are taunting me because of you only. Gulnaz says what are you trying to do? have you decided to leave her or not? Gazal asks him to speak up? if he changed his mind? you have no honor if you can’t even keep your word and protect your mother, to hell with your love. Haider says shut up, Dua can stay here but I am going to divorce her. She will stay here even after divorce. Hina says how can she stay here after that? He says this house and business is owned by Dua so where will she go? we all will leave the house, she can stay here. Dua is shocked hearing that.

Precap: Haider says to Dua today I’ll give you everything and leave, this house, business, money, everything is yours now. Dua asks him to change his decision.

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