Radhakrishn 1st February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 1st February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 1st February 2020 Written Episode

Balram informs Rukmini that Radha herself walked on Yamuna water once and Yamuna didn’t let her drownas Yamuna loves people Krishna loves. Rukmini excitedly asks is it and walks away. Kutila notices her going and follows her. Rukmini reaches Yamuna and thinks she will walk on Yamuna river and will prove that she is most dear one to Krishna. Radha stops her and asks not to as there is flood in river. Rukmini asks is it true that Krishna’s dear ones don’t drown in water, even Radha didn’t drown. Radha says yes. Rukmini walks into water and drowns. Kutila gathers people. Radha requests Krishna for help. Krishna comes up holding Rukmini, only Radha could see him. Everyone are amazed to see Rukmini floating in water. Balram returns to Krishna and apologizing him says he will accept whatever Krishna says. Krishna says he doesn’t have to apologize as Rukmini will realize her mistake because of his act.

Rukmini dries her hair happily thinking she didn’t drown in water. Radha says she shouldn’t be so overconfident of herself as love is free from jealous, self-pride, self-superiority, etc. Rukmini says truth is she is special as Krishna is marrying her and she is proud of herself. Radha thinks she will soon realize that love is selfless.

Krishna smiles seeing his wedding arrangements. Ugrasen asks if he is not nervous for his wedding. Krishna says whatever should happen will happen and why should be feel nervous for that. Ugrasen says he is right and says he should visit some holy place after wedding for blessings. Krishna says there is a place called Siddhashram in Dwarka and he will visit it. Ugrasen asks where is Rukmini. Krishna says she will return on time.

Kutila and Ayan discuss that they should provoke Rukmini against Radha. She goes to Rukmini and says Krishna used to play bansuri only for Radha. Rukmini tells Radha that she will return to Dwarka. Radha says she should get ready then. Rukmini says she wants to hear Krishna’s bansuri. Radha says she will play it and holding broken bansuri requests Krishna to rejoin it. Krishna says tathastu. Radha refixes bansuri and plays it.

Precap: No precap.

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