Radhakrishn 29th August 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 29th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 29th August 2019 Written Episode

Ugrapath orders Radha that she will maintain a distance of 7 steps from Krishna if she sees him anytime. Radha promises yes by nodding her head. She walks to Ugrapath and promises that she will maintain a distance of 7 steps from Krishna. Ugrapath orders to follow her and leaves. Krishna stands shedding tears and looking at Radha’s footsteps. On the other side, Yashoda with others wait for Krishna to come and swing on the swinger. Krishna returns and Yashoda asks whre was he, go and sit on swinger. He does. She pulls swinger while he enjoys with closed eyes. Adharam Madhuram..bhajan…plays in the background. Krishna’s Narayan avatar is shown sitting under ocean and telling Seshnag that Yashoda maiya’s swinger and ocean waves feel similar to him. Seshnag says he is worried

about Radha, will she not swing him. Krishna says whatever Radha will do will be remembered forever, a new ritual will start and whole universe’s love towards Krishna will change.
Radha cries and prays Narayan that Krishna loves swinging in a swinger, but she cannot swing him now. Krishna’s peacock feather falls in front of her. She picks it and says she feels Krishna is near her, smiles and says she can swing Krishna then for sure. She prepares a baby cradle and bal Krishna idol. She says she heard meeting of souls is more pious than meeting of bodies and their souls will meet today. Sheshnag tells Narayan that Radha made him smaller than Bal Gopal. Narayan says Radha made him laddu Gopal and started a new ritual, whoever follows her will reach eternity. Radha swings laddu gopal.

After sometime, Krishna goes and stands near Radha’s footsteps on ground. Balram walks to him and asks what will he do now, there is Radha’s taken oath on one side and promise made to him on other side. Krishna says once Sri Dhama’s promise made him take 7 steps away from Radha, but Radha didn’t stop even then; he is sure Radha will walk to him even this time for sure; he took these 7 steps as 7 lives for Radha and wedding 7 oaths are the ones they both taught to the world, each oath with each life; when they complete all 7 oath, their distance will clear, then Radha will realize who they both are and then Radha will become Radha’s Krishna, but for that Radha has to listen to his 7 lives’ story and how they united in each life.

In Radha’s room, Shuka says he is feeling hungry. Radha offers him green chillies, picks water pot to get water and sees Ugrapath and Jatila still sleep till late morning and even Ayan missing, thinks everyone are sleeping and only she is sleeping. She thinks Gopis must be awake and she will find them near river bank, but doesn’t find them there. She then thinks if only she is awake. She picks water in pot when she is amazed to see Krishna emerging from river. Krishna walks on water towards her and asks h er to move back as they have to maintain 7 step distance. She moves back. He walks to shore and says when Radha’s promise will not break, even promise made by him to her will not break. Radha says she cannot break her promise and turns. Krishna says she is too innocent and doesn’t know the meaning of being alert and breaking promise. She reminisces Ugrapath’s order and says what if baba sees them. She hears sound from pot and sees a fish in it, thinks she never got fish in her pot and today got one shining fish. Fish falls into her hand and turns into Krishna. She is more amazed to see that and looks at Krishna.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that human takes birth and grows fearlessly until he gains something, after that he gets a fear of losing it, then he falls into fate, astrology, etc.; they didn’t bring anything in the world that they will lose; they have only their deeds; one who don’t shattered due to failures, they are the ones who are successful and live peaceful life.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna how can she see him in different forms. She will get answer for her questions today and he will describe her Narayan and Lakshmi’s 7 stories. Jatila and Ayan search Radha and think they will pronounce her impure.

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