Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Barfi Special’ in Zee TV’s Dance Ke Superkids

Ranbir Kapoor is all set to woo one and all as the sweet and full of life character in his upcoming flick Barfi. And with the same lovely demeanor, Ranbir charmed everyone on the sets of Zee TV’s Dance Ke Superkids.

His entry in the bicycle with the title track of Barfi playing in the background is something to be watched out for!! And the opening act of the episode with Ranbir and the kids will set the pace for the evening.

And the best part will be Ranbir’s lively interactions with host Shreya Acharya where they crack the best of jokes and speak about the movie Barfi. The icing on the cake for little Shreya will be when Ranbir teaches her the signature steps of Barfi.

Don’t miss the ‘Ranbir Kapoor Magic’ this weekend in Zee TV’s Dance Ke Superkids

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