Razia Sultan 31st August 2015 Written Update

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Razia Sultan 31st August 2015 Written Update by Ansari

Razia Sultan 31st August 2015 Written Episode

Mirza tells Altamash that its wrong as They dont know the person,Altamash tells tht Yaqut’s father saved his life many times and now Yaqut will protect Razia..Razia congrats Yaqut..Mirza sees angrily to Yaqut..One of the soldier gives clothes to Yaqut,Mirza comes and asks about the sword..Yaqut tells that the sword is given by his father,Mirza tells he wanted to see the sword which will protect Razia..Razia comes and takes Mirza along with her,Turkan tells that she is very happy as she got a lottery..Mirza asks how much tiger did she killed,Razia asks about the mystery is solved or not??He tells that its a different Symbol..She asks what does he see??Mirza tells that someone is keeping eye on them,She tells that may be Yaqut..Mirza is annoyed..Razia tells that Zaroon will bring JALEBI..Both of them hug each other and laugh,Mirza sees Someone and goes..Turkan comes and tells Mirza to follow her If wanted to know about the old women,Mirza tells that he know that there is no old women in the palace..He agrees..Zaroon gives JALEBI to Razia,She asks is Mirza is worried??Zaroon tells its nothing like that,,Razia thinks about Mirza and smiles..
She tells that from that time is waiting for him,Yaqut tells that he too liked JALEBI..She tells that brought JALEBI for Mirza..Yaqut apologises and tells that his mother used to cook,Razia stops him and tells that she too miss her mother and offer JALEBI,Yaqut denies..Razia tells that Mirza would have done the same..Yaqub eats..Razia smiles..Anotherside Turkan tells Mirza that they are very secret in the wall..Mirza asks is this a joke..Turkan tells that it is prison..Altamash comes and shouts asks Turkan,She tells that came to check the Palace but Mirza tells that he came to see the old women,Altamash order’s to open the door..Turkan gets happy..

Precap::Mirza sees Yaqut and Razia and gets jealous

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  1. Mamu ki Bhanji
    September 01, 09:06 Reply

    First that yaldos n now this Yakut this Yakut is upto separating alzia n is purposely making Mirza jealous plz don’t separate alzia they look good together smiling always

  2. @
    August 31, 16:43 Reply

    Most likely altamush already had the woman relocated…

    • @
      August 31, 16:41

      Ooh nothing much…just a common behaviour of most beings…to eliminate anything or anyone seen as the competition

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