Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th April 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th April 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th April 2021 Written Episode

Baa asks Gehna about Anant. Gehna says he is sleeping. Kanak says good he is sleeping as there would be a havoc after Sagar comes, her heart is racing thinking about it. Pankaj says her heart is of stone, how can she get tensed, anyways he and Chetan are there to handle Sagar. Chetan backs him. Doctor brings Sagar. Hema gets happy seeing her bhaila. Sagar stares at Kanak. Kanak thinks why is he staring her, if his memory is intact, he will reveal all or secrets or else he will trouble Gehna. Sagar walks towards Kanak. Pankaj and Chetan protect her. Sagar jumps on Chetan saying he is his horse and pulls his hair. Everyone ask him to get away from Chetan. Gehna asks Sagar to leave Chetan as she got chocolate for him. He excitedly asks if its true mamma and walks away holding her hand. Kanak says this is just a trailer and picture is still remaining, he made everyone tensed with his entry and soon he will make their life a hell. Gehna returns and says she fed him food and medicine and made him sleep, he will not trouble anyone now; she is going for her exam and will return soon. Baa says ok. She leaves.

Anant walks to Baa and asks what had happened here. Kanak says a storm, Sagar. Anant asks where is Gehna. Baa asks him not to worry about Gehna as she has gone for her exam after making Sagar asleep, so he can go to his work peacefully. He says he cannot when Sagar is at home, so he will work from home. Radhika enters saying she and Anant are working together on the project and if he has decided to work from home, even she has to work from home with him as it doesn’t matter if they work from home or office. Kanak thinks Radhika started her drama with Sagar’s entry; she asks them to go and work in room while she brings tea and snacks for them. Radhika walks behind Anant and sits with him. Kanak brings tea and snacks for them and tells Radhika that a third person Gehna will not interfere between them now as she has gone for her exam. Radhika says she will remind Anant of their old days and lure him. Kanak wishe sher all ht ebest and leaves. Anant works on project while Radhika stares at him. He asks what is she thinking. She says she feels as if they are standing at the same place like years before and he still loves her. Anant reminisces Gehna proposing him and she rejecting saying he already loved someone and cannot love her now. Radhika says she still loves him and her love for him cannot change and walks away from there acting emotional. Anant thinks he can understand her feelings as even he is going through same situation.

Radhika goes to dining table and drinks water. Sagar walks to her and calling her aunty asks her to give him food. She scolds him and asks him to have food kept on table. He sits and seeing hair in food asks if its her hair. She says its not. He gets adamant that its her hair and if he had eaten it, he would have gotten stomachache. She warns him to stay away from her. He says she is a goon who is frightening a kid and threatens to cut her hair. Tia walks towards hall with Baa telling her that Sagar is asleep now and before he wakes up, Gehna will return home. They see Sagar running behind Radhika to cut her hair. Whole family gathers. Anant asks him to return knife. Sagar insists that he will cut goon aunty’s hair. Anant fumes that Gehna did wrong by bringing Sagar home and orders him to return scissors reminding how he trashed him last time. Sagar gets adamant. Gehna enters and stops him and asks him to return scissors. He returns scissors. Family relaxes. Anant scolds that Sagar was attacking Radhika. Fehna says he will not, they need not worry. Anant shouts what if he had harmed Gehna. Hiral yells at Gehna to kick Sagar out of house. Gehna says they should listen to Sagar once. Baa and whole family insists Gehna to send Sagar to rehab center. Sagar picks water mug and walks towards Gehna. Kanak shouts if he will hit her with mug. Sagar tells Gehna that he was feeling hungry and went dining table where he found Radhika and requested her to give him food, she scolded him to have it himself, he found hair in food and since its Radhika’s, he thought of cutting her hair; she threatened to beat him with water mug. Radhika says Sagar is lying. Hema says her Bhaila is not lying. Radhik and Anant ask her not to support her brother wrongly. Gehna says a kid doesn’t lie, why would he run behind Radhika when many others are around. Radhika asks if she is blaming her. Gehna says she is not. Anant says she should send Sagar to rehab center as he is dangerous. Gehna says this will not be repeated and takes Sagar along. Tia says Gehna may change Sagar. Anant says Sagar will never change. Kanak thinks Sagar will change Gehna’s life though. Gehna asks Sagar why did he misbehave with Radhika. He says she threatened him with a mug.

Precap: Radhika shouts at Gehna if she is calling her an outsider. Gehna says she cannot call Radhika an insider as she is an insider. Radhika says she cannot speak to her like this. Gehna says she is just answering her question. Anant warns Gehna not to misbehave with Radhika.

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