Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th May 2021 Written Episode

Kanak and Hema accept that they supported Radhika in trying to separate Anant and Gehna. Gehna asks them to forget everything as they are part of a family and takes them for dinner. After dinner, she tells Kanak and Hema that Pankaj and Chetan were worried for them and why did they leave the house. Kanak says she will shatter if Pankaj leaves her after knowing truth. Hema sasy she will die without her husband and kids. Gehna assures to keep their secret. They say they always tried to ruin Gehna’s life, but she didn’t do same with them and they are thankful to her. Gehna gets more emotional. She sees Radhika calling on Kanak’s phone and picks it. Radhika warns Kanak to return her money in 24 hours. Gehna promises to return her money in 24 hours and tells Hema and Kanak that when there is a fight in family, outsiders take advantage of it and when family unites, they win a bigger battle and now Radhika cannot do anything. Anant walks in clapping and says they fooled Gehna with an emotional card and scolds Gehna that they fooled her and will neve change. Hema says they are not lying this time. Anant asks her to stop her drama and says they took money from Radhika and should repay it themselves, neither he nor Gehna will help them. He walks away with Gehna. Hema and Kanak then reveal that they did drama to stop family from kicking them out of house. Kanak says they have to arrange Radhika’s money somehow as Anant will not help them.

Anant scolds Gehna that he doesn’t want to help Hema and Kanak and will not let them misuse her goodness always. Gehna says family helps each other in trouble, so they should help Hema and Kanak. Anant says he doesn’t care and walks out. Gehna thinks how will she arrange so much money in 24 hours. Anant walks to Hema and Kanak and says he wants them to respect Gehna as they always insulted her and treated her like a servant, but she fought with him to help them and hence they shouldn’t forget her help. Once he leaves, Kanak fumes at dobi duffer Gehna and think they need to take Gehna’s help as they don’t have much time left. Hema counts her savings and says she has only 20000 rs. Kanak scolds if she saved only so much. Hema says she has to take care of children and asks why didn’t she save money. Kanak says she has to maintain her beauty. Hema says they would have sold Kanak’s necklace if it was of diamond. Kanak says its real diamond necklace which her mother gifted to her and she will not sell any jewelry and will force Gehna to help them. Gehna enters and offers them 5 lakhs cheque. Hema acts and says Anant doesn’t her helping them, so they cannot accept it. Kanak thinks she shouldn’t reject it. Gehna says they are a team and she will convince Anant for help. Kanak says its just 5 lakhs, how will they arrange 20 lakhs more till morning.

Next morning, Baa performs pooja with family. Kanak thinks only 2 hours are left, her game is over now. Baa offers prasad to family and seeing Kanak tensed asks reason. Kanak says she is fine. She gets Radhika’s call. Hema says they should inform family about and apologize. Kanak says they will be trapped more badly. Gehna prays god to show her a way to help bhabis. She gets a call and asks Hema ad Kanak to reach Radhika while she arranges 25 lakhs and reach later. Hema gets happy that they will have 5 lakhs more. Kanak says they will keep it as a safety if something goes wrong. Anant noticing Gehna tells her that she will go overboard to help bhabis, but shouldn’t get herself into trouble. Kanak and Hema meet Radhika. Radhika asks if they brought her money. Kanak says Gehna is arranging her money. Radhika laughs and says when tricksters like them couldn’t arrange money, how will Gehna, they should get ready to go to jail. Kanak says still they have 1 hour. Kanak says 55 minutes.

Gehna visits modeling agency and reminds them about their modeling contract offer worth 25 lakhs. Lady asks her to relax and sign contract papers. Gehna thinks they were eager to sign her and she should trust them. Kanak calls her. She asks agency people to give them 25 lakhs in advance and hopes they agree. Man says its her first assignment and as per their company’s police, they cannot pay her in advance. Gehna gets tensed. On the other side, Radhika threatens Hema and Kanak that they have only 30 minutes left and will get them arrested.

Precap: Gehna asks agency lady which ad they are shooting. Lady says soap ad and asks her to wear short dress. Gehna denies to wear it. Man says she has signed contract and has to wear it.

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