Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th April 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th April 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th April 2021 Written Episode

Sagar walks to Gehna, but Gehna ignores him and walks on terrace. Sagar thinks why mummy looks sad, what should he do to make her happy. Gehna sitting on terrace feels more sad reminiscing Anant supporting Radhika. Sagar walks to her and keeping smiley mask on her face asks her to smile. Gehna asks him why is he awake till now, he should go and sleep. He insists to wear the mask. Anant enters and fitting mask on her face says she looks good smiling. She removes it. Sagar says papa made mamma sad and should apologize. Anant apologizes Gehna and asks how will they go to watch a play if she is sad. She gets happy. Sagar plays ball with her. Anant thinks Gehna was sad when he supported Radhika, but agreed easily when he apologized; she is so innocent; he shouldn’t hide her truth anymore and should speak to Radhika. He asks Sagar if he can also play with him. Sagar gets happy hearing that and plays with them. They both fall on each other trying to catch ball and roll on floor looking into each other’s eyes. Sagar jumps in happiness. Kanak shows that to Radhika on video call and asks why did she return to her house. Radhika feeling jealous says she didn’t go, but Gehna dropped her home; why is she showing her this, she told Sagar will be a hindrace between Gehna and Anant, but he is helping them. Kanak asks her to have patience and says soon Sagar will be a reason for their fight and separate them, she should just wait and watch.

Hema walks to Sagar and he pushes her on floor, injuring her hand. Kanak asks Radhika if she saw how violent Sagar after having her exchanged medicine. Gehna asks Hema if she is fine and scolds Sagar that she will punish him if she misbehaves with anyone. Hema says Sagar pushed his sister and not anyone else, she will go and apply medicine on her wound. Hema goes to her room and applies medicine on her wound. Kanak walks to her and says Gehna injured her and not Sagar; Sagar obeys Gehna, so she should have told him not to harm her; Gehna just wants to provoke Anant against Sagar and make him punish Sagar. Hema says she is misinterpreting Gehna. Sagar walks to Hema and asks if she will play with her as mamma told to apologize her as she is very good. Hema gets happy hearing that and tells Kanak that Gehna is not like she thinks. Kanak thinks tomorrow she will see what Gehna is.

Next morning, Tia sees Gehna happy and asks reason. Gehna excitedly says she and Anant are going to watch a play in the evening, she had seen a drama in her childhood and Baa told Anant likes to watch play. Radhika enters and says it is not possible as Anant has a lot of work pending. Anant enters and says he will complete his work and then go to watch play. Radhika thinks Gehna dropped her home yesterday, now she will stay here 24 hours and will not let Anant go with Gehna to watch play. She tells Anant that he should start working now itself then and asks to have breakfast first. Anant says he will have breakfast in his room and asks Gehna to bring it there. Radhika follows Anant and while working she says their new software’s response will be very good. He says he knows and asks her to give him a file. She gives him file and thinks he doesn’t know that a data is missing and until she informs him, he cannot complete his presentation, so he will not to watch a play with Gehna even if he wants to.

Gehna excitedly asks Tia what should she wear for play and gives her options. Tia says she can wear whatever she wants. Gehna shyingly says she is going on a date with Anant and should look good. Tia says Anant will watch play and not her, then says she is joking and selects a dress for her. Gehna gets sad and asks if Anant will finish his work and accompany her. Tia asks if she doesn’t trust Anant. Gehna thinks she trusts Anant, but not Radhika and is sure Radhika will doing something to delay his work. Anant draws sketches. Radhika says layout is missing and gives him wrong layout. Anant says he is unable to crack a software for the first time and feels data is missing. She asks him to relax and work. Gehna walks in hesitant and asks if his work is finished. He asks if she can’t see him work, if she came to ask this. She says she came to ask for coffee. He says he doesn’t need it. She leaves and after sometime returns and asks if they need some snacks. Anant scolds her not to disturb them. Radhika signals her to go and smirks thinking she knows Gehna is returning repeatedly to check if work is complete, but until she is here, Anant will not complete his work and she will see how Gehna will get ready and go with Anant. Tia helps Gehna get ready. Radhika thinks she snatched Gehna’s husband in her own house, that is the difference between age-old love and new girl, Anant will not even look at Gehna until he finishes his work, this is the beginning of Gehna’s defeat.

Precap: Sagar flies paper bits in air excitedly chanting surprise. Kanak says now the real drama will start. Anant scolds Sagar and says he threw his presentation papers in air.

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