Saavi Ki Savaari 19th November 2022 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 19th November 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 19th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nityam is in meeting. Saavi brings tea for the clients. Nityam says we will continue after having tea. He introduces Saavi as his wife. Saavi says hello. She asks them about their sugar preference in the tea. Nityam sees Saavi adding many tea spoons to the cup, and makes the cup fall down. Sonam comes there holding the Mop and tells that she will clean the floor. Saavi goes. Nityam says he will call someone to clean it. Sonam says she will clean. She cleans the floor and goes. Nityam excuses himself and goes to kitchen. Saavi is standing and sleeping. Nityam scolds Saavi for her mistake. He finds her sleeping as she falls on him. He lifts her and takes her to room. Sonam sees Nityam taking Saavi to their room and gets upset. Dimpy is in her room and pretends to sleep. Sonam comes there. Dimpy says you scared me. Sonam tells Dimpy that she knew that she was pretending to sleep. Dimpy says I told that I am going to sleep so that Saavi makes Pulao. Sonam tells that she is helping with the puja arrangements, sweeping and cleaning the floor, and Saavi is in Nityam’s embrace. She tells that Nityam was taking Saavi to some room. Nityam makes Saavi rest on the bed. Tashu comes there. She asks if meeting is over. He says he gave them homework. She asks him to come and hear music. Nityam asks her to go and study. He asks why she came? Tashu says she is searching Saavi.

Sonam tells Dimpy that Saavi is sleeping. Dimpy says Saavi is sleeping as she goes out in the night and now taking her sleep. Tashu tells that Bhog shall be made soon. Nityam calls Sonam and tells that he needs her help. Sonam says what? She says she is coming. Nityam takes something from Saavi’s hand. Sonam comes there. Nityam tells Sonam that Saavi is behaving strange and now sleeping. He tells that halwa shall be made, and asks her to be there, as he don’t want anyone to see Saavi sleeping. He asks do you know how to make halwa? Sonam says no. Nityam says I had food made by you. He says you stay here, I will make halwa. He goes. Brijesh tells Nutan that Dalmias want to work for the puja, though they have so many Servants. Nutan says everyone can work there, except Dimpy. Brijesh teases her saying he will complain to Saavi about her. Nutan says she didn’t mean that. Nityam calls Nutan and asks her to tell aata ka halwa recipe. brijesh says he will tell the recipe. Nutan says he is not asking this Gulab jamun recipe and says she will tell. Nutan tells him the recipe, step by step. Nityam makes the halwa. Brijesh calls again and asks him to add dry fruits and ghee. Nityam adds dry fruits and smells it aroma.

Dimpy calls Sonam and asks what work Nityam has given her. Sonam says he made me baby sitter. She clicks pic and sends it to Dimpy. Dimpy thinks to tell UD. Vedika tells UD that Saavi might be bringing prasad. Dimpy comes there and tells that prasad is not made till now, and tells that puja will be ruined. Vedika says Saavi must be bringing prasad. Dimpy asks if she will bring prasad with closed eyes. She shows her photo, in which Saavi is sleeping. Vedika says I will make prasad. Nityam comes there and says Prasad is kept for bho and new chapter began. Dimpy asks who made the prasad. Nityam says I made it. tashu says it is very tasty and makes them taste it. Vedika asks if she is fine? Nityam recalls Saavi’s words and tells that he asked her to rest. He says what is important is prasad is made and new chapter began. Vedika tells UD that Saavi and Nityam’s jodi is like Sita and Ram. She tells that they are reflection of each other etc.

Precap: Nutan and Brijesh worry for Saavi. brijesh says Saavi used to sleep in daytime, when she used to ride auto in night. Sonam thinks to go and check on Saavi. Krishna comes back from jail and tells Shivam that Sonam got both of them arrested.

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