Santoshi Maa 10th October 2017 Written Update

Santoshi Maa 10th October 2017 Written Update by Amena

Santoshi Maa 10th October 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhairya praying and saying nothing will happen to Santoshi. Brahmadev says Devi Paulmi did injustice with Santoshi and put us in a fix, see Dhairya is on strike to get justice, he is not just calling Santoshi Maa, but also Devlok, if we don’t get justice for him, it will be our failure, we had to free Asur Raj.

Prabal smiles seeing Santoshi. Asur Raj comes there and praises him. He says Devtas got helpless to free me. Prabal says Devi Paulmi helped me. Asur Raj says I m proud of you, Devtas have trusted you, Brahmadev and other Devis are waiting for Santoshi’s soul. Prabal says no, I love Santoshi. Asur Raj says I know this, don’t worry, this woman is yours and she will become Asur lok queen.

Devi Saraswati asks Santoshi Maa not to worry, Asur Raj will
get Santoshi’s soul. Narad says its easy for Asurs to cheat us, Asur Raj knows he want the soul fast, even then he is delaying, its wrong, did he break his promise. Brahmadev says if he has broken his promise, I will burn entire Asur lok. Dhairya says how shall I save Santoshi. Asur Raj says Brahmadev will be angry and ready for war, you also get ready. Prabal says not now, Devi Paulmi went to get memory for Santoshi. Asur Raj says fine, but we have less time. Prabal says I trust Devi Paulmi, she will fulfill my dream.

Devi Paulmi gets Santoshi’s memory page and retrieves it from the book. Prabal and Asur Raj see Santoshi receiving her memory. Santoshi comes to life. Prabal laughs. He tells Asur Raj that she got to life, she will talk to him again, he got his lover, Devi Paulmi gave a life to my love.

Santoshi Maa says Asur Raj cheated us by breaking promise, we have to fight now. Brahmadev declares the war. Prabal tells Santoshi that this is Asur lok and she will become queen, he won’t let her get harmed. Asur Raj asks Prabal not to get weak in love, we have to prepare for war. Prabal says no, I can’t fight with Devtas, Devi Paulmi will come and make plan against them. Asur Raj says right, she will make a way. Devi Paulmi keeps the book and goes. Brahmadev comes there and sees the book kept wrong. Narad comes and asks is there no other way. Brahmadev says no. Narad says Asur Raj just went to Asur lok, shall I explain him not to break promise. Brahmadev asks him to try. Narad says till I do this, you calm Santoshi Maa’s anger. They leave. Devi Paulmi hears them and says Santoshi’s memory will keep changing now. She sees the door shit and thinks of finding some way.

Inspector says our patience ended now. He asks constable to get body. Dhairya stops them and asks them to leave. Inspector says I also believe in devotion, but this is madness. People also support Dhairya. Inspector asks them not to come in between.

Narad meets Asur lok and says you did wrong by cheating Brahmadev, there is still time, stop this war, else it will be destruction. Prabal asks why are you angry, everyone knows Santoshi is going to become asur lok queen, if I marry her, no Devtagan can touch her. Narad says you don’t know, marriage is done with person, not soul. Prabal says I have Santoshi’s body also. Narad thinks did Devi Paulmi learn making a body reflection, how will she get memory. He warns Asur Raj and goes. Prabal says none can snatch my Santoshi.

Santoshi Maa says Dhairya is calling me to help, I will do this fight, I will use Adishakti, no power is supreme than Adishakti, I will fight alone. Narad comes there and tells her that Santoshi got a new appearance, Prabal is going to marry her, stop her. Brahmadev asks how can anyone marry a body without life, we should go and find Devi Paulmi. Santoshi Maa says Devi Paulmi has to pay for this crime.

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