Saavi Ki Savaari 17th March 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 17th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 17th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nityam coming for the party, and sees the decoration. He gets teary eyes seeing Raksham and his childhood infront of him. Everyone comes there and wishes him happy birthday. Joshi kaka wishes him happy birthday. Nityam hugs him and says you all are here. Joshi asks if you are surprised. Pammi aunty asks if you remember me, you used to ask me to make you eat rajma etc. Pammi’s husband says I used to teach you and today you have become a big businessman. Nityam says I remember everything. He then asks Kiran who has planned this birthday. He tells Kiran that he don’t like surprises or birthday parties. He shouts asking who has done this. Vedika says she has planned his birthday. He says I don’t like birthday. Vedika says I know, but you used to like it before, you used to celebrate with neighbors and friends. Saavi asks Shivam, when Maa doesn’t know about this party, then why she is taking responsibility of it. Shivam says I don’t know.

Vedika says you met Joshi Kaka, Pammi and sabzi wala anna. She says childhood doctor also came, who used to give you two lollypops. Nityam says there was no need to do so much hardwork. He calls pyaare mohan near him and asks him to pack all those decoration. Shivam says all the guests has come, it will not look nice, this decoration is done for you with so much love. He asks him to try and celebrate the birthday, may be you will enjoy like enjoyed cricket that day. He says that day also you have refused at first and then you enjoyed. Nityam says pyaare mohan, you are very stubborn and asks him to do just as he say. Shivam says if I am stubborn, then it is also for love. Nityam nods ok. Saavi thinks thank you bestie, for helping big and saving us. Dimpy is on the way and says your game is over, Raksham and Saavi, when he comes to know that how you both fooled him, he will not forgive you. Vedika asks Nityam to celebrate it like a child.

Nityam throws the dart at the balloons and bursts them. He asks if anyone can compete with him. Shivam comes forward and bursts them. He dances. Nityam also dance with him like he used to dance with him in his childhood. Shivam hugs him. They play the dice game and dance. Shivam gets emotional. Nityam asks what happened? Shivam says I have to bring ice. He goes out and cries sitting in the garden area. Vedika comes there and says you are sitting here, I was searching you. Shivam says yes, Madam ji. Vedika says you have planned birthday party well, made 12 years back memories afresh for Nityam and your Mother also, Gattu. Shivam gets emotional and comes to him. She holds his hands and laughs and cries. She hugs him and kisses his face. Shivam also cries. She makes him turn and looks at him. He gives her mauli. She ties mauli to his hand and recalls tying mauli on his hand in his childhood. Shivam falls on her feet. Vedika makes him get up.

Hrishikesh is throwing the stuff of the house out. Nutan asks him what is he doing? He says your daughter is mad to refuse the alimony and tells that you people are foolish, else would have been like me. He says I will throw you all out. Brijesh says we can’t take advantage of Saavi’s inlaws. Hrishikesh says I will throw you all out. Ananya asks Ratna to make him understand. Ratna says he is doing this for our betterment, your Saavi shall understand. Ananya asks him to give her radio. He throws it on Chattriprasad. Ananya runs to Chattriprasad and cries.

Vedika says I understood that day that you have come, when you have entered here, and today I got confirmed. She says you saved me in hospital. Shivam nods his head in agreement. Vedika says why you didn’t tell me? Shivam says please forgive me, I had done a big sin. Vedika asks him to forget everything and says I couldn’t see you for 12 years, let me see you, how did you handle yourself without mother and family, didn’t you miss me? Shivam says I used to cry and miss you daily, and shows their family member, says he was relieved that he has his family. She removes his fake mole from his cheeks and removes the cloth from his shoulder, says you are my Raksham and not pyaare mohan. She says she will pull his ears. He says he missed her scoldings. Vedika says you used to trouble me since childhood and says you don’t want to eat this and that..etc. Shivam says I will eat dry roti if you feed me. Shivam keeps his head on her shoulder and reminds her how she used to punish him. Vedika says that’s why you punished me for 12 years. She says I will leave the house now. Shivam says I will not trouble you. Dimpy comes there in her car, and thinks she is bringing a big gift for Nityam which he will remember all his life.

Precap: Nityam makes Vedika, Dada ji and Saavi have the cake. Vedika asks him to make Pyaare mohan have it too. Niityam is about to make him taste the cake, when Dimpy comes asking him to stop, and reveals the truth.

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