Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th February 2023 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Baba telling Simar that Charulatha wants to kill 7 family members of your family and use their blood to become immortal. He asks her not to forget that she is very powerful and more than that, she is very dangerous. Charulatha eats lizard and comes to Masumi-Gunjan. Masumi says today is your dawat and asks her to see the lizard on the wall. Charulatha opens her mouth and gets the lizard in her mouth. Masumi says I am happy that you are happy. Charulatha says how did the lizard come inside? Masumi says I have closed all doors and windows. Aarav and Simar comes inside through the window. Charulatha enlarges her hand and closes the window. Aarav and Simar get shocked and the glass of the window breaks. Charulatha tells Masumi that this is Simar’s work. Simar and Aarav are shocked. Masumi comes to Aarav and Simar to come infront of her. She pulls the blanket and sees Aarav and Simar on the bed. Aarav asks if we can’t sleep also. Masumi asks them to come downstairs with her. Simar asks why? Simar tells Charulatha, that she didn’t go out. Charulatha says you can’t lie to me. Aarav says Simar was with me. Charulatha says your time will also come, and tells that one person will die today, and says why not now. Badimaa asks her not to harm her children.

Charulatha says she will not touch anyone. She snaps her fingers and makes Simar vanish. Everyone gets shocked. Charulatha puts her hair infront of her face and looks evilly. Everyone ask where is Simar? Charulatha signs at Simar, who is under the table. She says she has become tiny than the ant. Simar shouts Aarav ji, Reema di and others. Aarav, Reema, Vivaan and others are shocked. Before they could go to Simar, Charulatha makes Aarav, Reema and Vivaan as the statue. She says now you will know how it feels to be caged. She wants towards Simar and is about to smash her under her feet, but stops and then tells Simar that she wants to show her what is her value. She sees lizard on the wall and says there is a feast for you here. She picks the lizard and puts it on the ground. The lizard crawls near Simar. Simar is more tiny than lizard. Aarav gets teary eyes. Reyansh says save Simar bhabhi. Charulatha makes lizard come in her mouth and eats it. Badimaa feels disgusted. Charulatha says what did you say? She asks her to eat lizard. Badimaa refuses. Charulatha says what you will do as you are going to die now, your number is first. She makes Simar normal and frees Aarav, Reema and Vivaan.

Simar hugs Aarav. Charulatha asks Badimaa to get ready. Simar says you can’t harm my Badimaa, else I will bring the sky on the earth. She says I will not let anything happen to my Badimaa. Badimaa and all Oswals hold each other’s hands, showing their unity. Sasural Simar ka plays……Charulatha asks what do you think that I will get scared seeing your unity and will run away from here, no. She says I will not go anywhere. She laughs and vanishes. They see her flying in air and telling that she will kill everyone. She vanishes and appears at different places. She appears in many places at the same time. She comes to Simar and holds her neck. Aarav and Badimaa ask her to leave Simar. Simar recalls baba’s words and ties Charulatha’s hands with the roots of the banyan tree. Charulatha asks Masumi to open it. Simar asks everyone to go to the room. Masumi asks what is happening? Charulatha feels pain in her hands and says why my magic and powers are not working. Masumi asks why your powers are useless. Charulatha asks her to bring red glass piece which can cut the roots. Simar comes to Badimaa and says we have to do something to control her. She says she will plan her next attack just as the roots effect ends. Vivaan says the attack will be very dangerous. He asks what we can do. Simar says Baba said that there is just one way to control her.

Precap: Badimaa tells Charulatha that it is good that Gajendra didn’t marry her. Charulatha holds her neck. Simar, Reema and others put the net on her and trap Charulatha and Masumi/Gunjan in it. Simar says she will send her back to the banyan tree, as witches looks good hanging upside down on the tree.

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