Satrangee Sasural 24th February 2015 Written Update

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Satrangee Sasural 24th February 2015 Written Update by Rimjhim

Satrangee Sasural 24th February 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Its arushi’s mehendi ceremony, and while arushi happily gets it done, her mother eyes her emotionally. She remembers how arushi was apprehensive of her step mother when she had come, and how she had assured that she would always be a mother to her. her mother comes and gets emotional eyeing arushi. she smiles when all comment at arushi’s goos fortune.

After having spent 5lakhs, girish and prahlad are worried as to what to do, and then girish gives an idea, that they can manage another lakh or so, in the house bustling with people. They get to finding the money. After they are tired of having searched everywhere, they think that dadaji has saved them somewhere. Girish is assured that they shall lay their hands on it, today or tomorrow.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Dadaji comes to vihaan’s house. He makes dadaji sit down asking if all the arrangements are done. dadaji says that he got the shopping done, with particular help from the 5lakhs that he gave to prahlad. vihaan is shocked but doesnt express it, and asks him not to thank him, and asks them not to reveal this to arushi, at all, as it would hurt her self respect. dadaji asks him to say anything like this the next time, to kasturi or he himself, as otherwise prahlad would have spent them away, instead of giving to them. He leaves, while vihaan is tensed. sarthi asks him why he didnt tell anything. vihaan asks how can he say this. Sarthi says that he hasnt seen a father like this. vihaan asks him to chill, but this time he cant do anything, that can hurt everyone. He says that at the right time, he shall get everyone on the right track, with love and affection. He is tensed though.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Girish and prahlad are angry that vihaan’s parents havent sent anything for them at all, when new clothes have come for everyone, as if they are deliberately ignoring the both of them. Arushi comes inside and gives them some money, saying that they should buy clothes for themselves. She taunts them as to how they are being treated. Prahlad tries to say something. She says that this is what they deserve after what they did, and they should thank, that they are not forvidden to enter their house. She leaves. Prahlad is shocked that arushi has already started behaving like them. prahlad decides to get the clothes on rental, and then they can spend the remaining money on alcohol. Girish denies, saying that he shall buy clothes and asks him to get ready, as they shall get alcohol in the night, at vihaan’s mehendi party, where they can party easily. Girish leaves. Prahlad is very happy.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As they come inside, girish and prahlad find the waiter to get to know about alcohol. The waiter tells them that there’s no alcohol. Prahlad and girish are disappointed. They start walking ahead. Priyanka senses something, and then goes after them. Mini asks whats the matter. Priyanka asks girish where he got this watch from. Girish stands speechless. All other mothers come out too, along with arushi. Priyanka says that this is her gift to vihaan, and says that it cots 1.5lakhs, which he cant afford. Arushi asks him to speak up. All eye him tensedly. Arushi says that she knows he cant stooop down so much, and asks him to say it all. Priyanka asks what does she mean that he cant lie, and if she is accusing him falsely. Arushi says that she just wants him to clear his side. Priyanka asks what does she mean, as thievery isnt a big deal, and he stands speechless. Arushi is tensed and requests her to let him speak once. She says that she know his past nature, but now that he always makes this mistake. She asks girish to speak up. But he doesnt say anything. Priyanka says that she is a living proof, but arushi continues to side with her brother. Priyanka begins to insult arushi’s brother and father. while all are embarassed. Girish begins to take the watch off, and priyanka takes her hand out. Vihaan asks him not to take off someone’s gift. He asks him to wear it, while all are shocked. Priyanka is hurt. Vihaan lies that he gave this watch to him, which he couldnt say as girish was under tremendous scare. Vihaan makes the excuse. Priyanka asks why he didnt say before. Prahlad says that she didnt let him speak, and she kept accusing him, given their past nature. Vihaan eyes them and prahlad cowers his eyes away. Arushi is tensed to see vihaan and prahlad’s scare. Priyanka is hurt that vihaan gave her gifted watch to this guy. All the ladies leave. Prahlad and girish leave too, leaving arushi and vihaan alone. she says that he did wrong that girish stole, and he defended him. He says that girish is his brother too, and asks her to give him some right on him. She is unconvinced, but he distracts her saying that they shall never ever talk about this, and he shall handle them. she again says that she is very lucky to have him. He too reciprocates.

Mini comes and asks priyanka why is she angry at him. Priyanka says that she isnt angry at vihaan, but at arushi. mini tries to say that arushi wasnt against her, but was just asking girish to give an explanation. she asks priyanka to cheer up, not for arushi but for vihaan’s sake.

Merriment and festivities begin, as all start dancing. Granny is tensed but doesnt say anything though. All other cheer on happily. The screen freezes on Arushi’s happy face.

Precap: Drunk and inebriated, prahlad leaves no stone unturned to embarass arushi, vihaan and the families, much to everyone’s tension. He is about to spill a secret, that has arushi and vihaan scared.

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