Shakti 24th January 2020 Written Update

Shakti 24th January 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 24th January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shanno asking Heer to tell what is in her heart, tells that she is her friend. Heer says there is nothing to say, so what shall I tell you? Mahi comes to Heer and asks how dare you to befriend that guy? Heer asks her to relax and says no guys and not even girls see her, as her brothers are there always. Mahi says you will do something even if your brothers prohibit you. Heer asks what is my mistake that you hate me? Mahi says your mistake is that…and then she goes.

Virat comes home. Dadu is recording in his mobile that a man is incomplete before marriage. Virat’s brother stops him. Parmeet and others come out. Dadu thinks they don’t let him make funny video. Virat’s sister asks why you are getting angry. His brother asks her to ask Virat. His bhabhi Gurwinder says she will bring the bandage. His brother tells that Virat gave wrong statement. He says it is good that Papa was not here, else he wouldn’t have let you come inside the house. Dadu thinks social media is far better than this. Daljeet asks him say. Virat asks if his lecture is over, then shall I go. Parmeet scolds him. Virat says he asked me to say, that’s why I said. Daljeet says papa will handle you. Parmeet asks Gurwinder to give haldi milk to Virat. Virat says all wounds are not cleared with it and says his life’s misery is that he has to come home. Gurwinder comes to him and tells that one day they all will understand him and that his wishes are different.

Heer thinks Virat is different and he showed courage to propose her infront of her brothers, although he went to hospital after that. Preeto comes and asks her to study. Heer asks her to go and opens the book. She sees Virat’s pic and then opens the book and sees someone’s else pic in it. Virat’s mother asks him to become better, leave the cheap things which he had done in college. She says she wants him to become Police officer like his father and brother. She switches off the lights and go. Virat thinks he can’t switch off the lights with his wish. He wishes his mum would have understand him, thinks his life is music which she don’t understand. She thinks if someone will understand him.

Heer opens the window and asks the moon…if that guy really loves me. She says it is enough for me that he has shown courage infront of my brothers. She says first she will meet him, know him and then make future plans. She says how I will meet him. She thinks preeto has kept the gang against her.

Dadu comes to Virat’s room and says I am your father’s father. He says I understood when bahu switched off the lights and that’s why I didn’t interfere. He asks him to have the food that he ordered for him. He shows the video in which he is seen dancing and says he got 2K lines. Virat says even you was in police dept, but you didn’t make home as PS like them. Dadu tells that he is different and has named his life for social media. He says the family members will not change. Virat says I don’t understand it.

Heer prays to Mata Rani and tells that Gulabo used to say that you have solution of all problems. She says she will toss the coin, if heads come then she will meet the guy thinking it is God’s wish. Virat tells Dadu about betting with his friend and proposing Heer. Dadu says you have shown daring work and asks him to meet the guy. Ranbir tells that he has no interest in the girl. Dadu says you always take decisions without thinking, says your father and brother take breath after thinking. He says you don’t think before doing anything. He says I think before which video to upload. Virat says you are cool. Dadu says he is coolest, and macha. He asks him to have food and goes. Virat thinks he don’t want to meet Heer.

Precap: Heer meets Virat and says you said I love you to me. Virat tells her that he told her that for the bet of 75000 Rs. Heer is shocked.

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