Shubhaarambh 24th January 2020 Written Update

Shubhaarambh 24th January 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Shubhaarambh 24th January 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Raja brings Rani back home. Asha says why this thief is back in the house? Raja says she is my wife too, she has said sorry to me and wants to give a chance to this relationship. I want to give her a chance too. Asha says once a thief will always be a thief, she is an insult to us so I will throw her out of here. Raja stops her and says she is my wife, you wanted money for my marriage but we are not throwing you out. I am giving you a chance like I am giving a chance to Rani. Kirtida says you didn’t even ask us? Raja says I know but I thought this was the right decision, my father and Gunvant have taught me to forgive. Gunvant says if you have decided this then we will accept it. Rani says I have done a mistake but I want to win trust and love of this house. All leave from there. Rani glances at Asha and leaves. Asha is angry.

Gunvant takes Raja’s phone and breaks it. He says Raja never even looked up at me and now he is taking decisions? I am the owner of this house and now he is taking decisions because of that girl? I couldn’t say anything outside but how could he do that? Kirtida says that Rani is a clever girl. Gunvant says we have to prove to Raja that his decision was worst so he will never make a decision again.

Raja and Rani enter the house. Rani thinks that I can’t tell him the truth as then my family will go to jail. You have a big heart, you have forgiven me. Rani thanks Raja. Raja thinks wish she will tell me that she didn’t know about the robbery. Raja ignores her. Bolna plays. Rani sits on the bed. Raja sits on the sofa. He goes and lies on the otherside of the bed. Rani is tensed.

Scene 2
In the morning, Raja is trying to sleep but sunlight is hurting his eyes. Rani sees it and smiles. She sees her dupatta stuck on the bed. She takes it and water from her hair falls on Raja. He wakes up and glances at her. Rani says I am sorry. Raja leaves from there. Rani gets emotional but tries to control herself.

All sit to have breakfast. Rani comes there. Mehul and Jharna are shocked to see her. Rani greets everyone. Rani asks Darshna to let her help. Rani offers food to everyone but nobody takes food from her hands. Raja looks on. Darshna serves food to everyone. Gunvant says to Raja that I don’t have a problem with your decision but the family won’t be able to forgive her easily. It was a big robbery, you can respect people from heart, we can’t just give it by force. We will try to accept her. Raja says what happened last night… Gunvant says it’s okay. He gives him a new phone and says I mistakenly broke your phone. Raja says you didn’t need to bring a new phone. Gunvant says it’s okay, just be careful. Gunvant leaves. Kirtida smirks. Raja glares at Rani.

Scene 3
Rani comes to the room. Raja is setting his new phone. Rani says I didn’t feel bad about Gunvant’s words. Raja says he didn’t say anything wrong. Rani says what are you saying? How will this work between us? We have to talk. Raja says what do you want to talk about? I forgave you but I didn’t forget it.

Gunvant tells Kirtida that Raja didn’t forget it so we have to make him believe that he regrets that decision. I will use Asha to throw this Rani out of the house.

Rani says to Raja that we can talk things out and try to forget it. She sits with him and says you can ask questions. Raja says can you promise that you will never lie again? Rani recalls her promise to Utsav that she will hide that truth. Rani promises Raja that I will never lie to you again. Raja says my family’s happiness is most important to me, till they don’t accept you, I can’t accept you either. Rani says okay, I will do everything in my power to make them happy.

Gunvant says to Kirtida that we will use Asha to break Raja and Rani’s relationship. Raja shouldn’t take his decisions ever. Kirtida says I will fool Asha easily. Gunvant says we have to keep breaking Raja and Rani’s relationship daily. One day he will throw that girl out of this house and then we will keep ruling this house.

Rani writes the promises she made to Raja. She puts the board on the wall and says I will follow these. Raja gets a call and leaves. Rani says I will tell him a truth soon.

Mehul talks to his friend on the call and says Jharna keeps demanding for things. Jharna comes there and says I am going shopping, are you coming? Mehul says no. She drags him from there.

Rani comes to help Darshna. Asha sees it and glares at her. Kirtida comes to Asha and says now your fate isn’t going to change, this girl is not going to leave Raja, I feel bad for you. Asha glares at her. Kirtida says that servant Rani is here, nobody wants her here but you are angry at her and can’t do anything. Asha says I will teach her a lesson. She thinks that I will make her life hell and she will have to leave this house.

Asha comes out of the house and is tensed. She breaks the gutter line with a pot. She calls everyone and they see gutter falling out. They all cover their noses with the smell of feces.

PRECAP- Asha tells Rani to clean the gutter line and the ground. Rani is shocked. Asha leaves. Kirtida tells Rani to not clean it, I saw Asha breaking the pipeline, she wants to put you down. Rani gets angry and goes to Asha.

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