Shivshakti 22nd October 2023 Written Update

Shivshakti 22nd October 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Shivshakti 22nd October 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Parvati asking Mahadev to marry Ganga. Mahadev agrees to marry Ganga if she wants him to marry her. Narayan, Brahma dev and others come there. Narayan asks Mahadev, why he is going to do wrong. Narad says you are made for each other. Lakshmi says Adishakti and Mahadev will be together till eternity. Brahmadev says they are waiting for this since many eras. Parvati requests them not to interfere and says it is between us. Guru Shukracharya tells that the decision shall be taken by them. Parvati says we will write our own destiny, as per our decision, Ganga Didi will get her love surely. Deeti smiles. Parvati asks him to accept her decision. Lakshmi says how to stop this destruction from happening. Brahmadev asks Narayan to find some solution. Narayan says sacrifice is sacrifice and says Parvati is sacrificing for Ganga, and Ganga has to sacrifice for Parvati. Narad says I didn’t understand. Narayan asks him to guide Ganga and tells about the consequences. Narad says I understood. He comes infront of Ganga and tells her that Parvati is bringing Mahadev to her, so that he gets married to you. Ganga is shocked.

She says this is not possible, I will make Parvati understand. Narad tells that she has to make Parvati understand. Parvati tells the soldiers to inform Himavan and Mainavati that soon the marriage mantras will be echoed in the palace. Ganga asks Narad to give her solution, and says she don’t want people to be remembered her as someone who has hurdled their union, and tells that she don’t want to be punished for the crime which she didn’t do. Narad says for Shiv-Shakti union and to keep their identity alive, there is one solution. Ganga says I am ready to do anything for their union. Narad asks her to think again and says it is the way of thorns and sacrifice. He says once you start, then you can’t move back. Ganga asks him to tell, what she shall do? Narad asks her to destroy her identity. Ganga is clueless and shocked. Mahadev and Parvati are coming there. Ganga asks shall I kill myself. Narad says no, it is a sin and tells her that she has go to such a place that even brahmadev can’t get her marriage done with Mahadev. Ganga asks him to show the way. Narad says it is her duty to search the way, and says I can just bless you that you shall get success. He vanishes. Ganga thinks of his words. Parvati and Shiv recall their first meet. They look at each other. Parvati starts walking, while Mahadev is walking with her. Deeti and Guru Shukracharya follow them. Ganga looks at the river water and clouds. She says brahmadev…if I had time then I would have done tap to get boon from you, but today I want to get the last boon of my life, before Shiv and Parvati comes there. She creates lightening and a big hole is made on the land.

Mainavati and Himavan are clueless about Ganga and Parvati’s whereabouts. Soldier comes and gives Parvati’s message to them. Mainavati gets worried. Himavan asks where did you meet Parvati? Soldier says in the garden. Himavan and Mainavati come there and greet Mahadev. They ask Parvati why she asked them to call purohit and shagun stuff. Mainavati asks her to say. Mahadev tells that Parvati wanted him to marry Ganga. Mainavati asks Parvati, why did she take this decision. Himavan asks her not to play with destiny and says your decision can bring destruction. Mainavati asks why did you take this decision? Deeti says your daughter Ganga loves Shiv. Himavan and Mainavati get shocked.

Episode ends.

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