Siddhi Vinayak 11th January 2018 Written Update

Siddhi Vinayak 11th January 2018 Written Update by Amena

Siddhi Vinayak 11th January 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi hiding from Siddhi. She thinks Rajveer can get any girl, but she can’t lose Rajveer, she wants to win him forever. Vin comes to Siddhi and stops her. She cries and says I have changed my mind, you have won, I will take my statement back. He asks her to do it right now. He gets the papers and asks her to sign on it, its written she is taking her statement back, all the blames on him will get over, everything will end, they both will get free. Siddhi thinks of Zai and Aniket’s words. She tears the papers and tries to run. She asks him not to make her dance. He scolds her and asks her to come, people are waiting for her dance. She goes with Vin. Prachi gets puzzled seeing Siddhi with Vin.

Vin introduces Siddhi as the entertainer and dance teacher. The man

asks him is she his GF. Vin taunts on her. He says she is just my Guru, she made me dance and today she will dance. Prachi thinks Siddhi dances in parties and gets money. Vin thinks Siddhi should stop, there is still time. Siddhi sees Advait and dons a ghunghat. Vin thinks Siddhi is ready to bear this humiliation, but not taking the complaint back. Siddhi dances on Laila mai Laila. Prachi thinks to record this video and show to Savita and Aniket. Vin says it will be fun now. He goes to Siddhi and asks her to lift the ghunghat, everyone should know his Guru. Siddhi sees Advait.
She puts the ghunghat on Vin too. Vin smiles. Everyone cheers for Vin. Advait gets a call. Vin flirts with Siddhi and gets the ghunghat off. Savita asks Advait where is he. He asks what happened. She says Aniket is fine. He lies that he is studying. She asks him to meet her fast, Siddhi’s life is in danger, she is in Vin’s house. He asks what is she doing there. She sends the address. Advait says this is Kundra mansion, its same address, it means Siddhi is here. He collides with Rajveer. Rajveer scolds him. Prachi turns away. Siddhi wears the ghungroos and dances. She gets angry and sees Vin. Men throw notes on Siddhi. Vin asks Siddhi to sign the papers and get free, she can ask for more money. She doesn’t listen. He thinks I didn’t think matter will reach here, she is not agreeing to me, she is not ready to lose.

He says Harry, this has gone too far. Harry says you have done all this. Vin goes away and sees Siddhi’s insult. He says I can forgive her once, but my parents faced insult because of her, I can’t forgive her, I m innocent, I will not leave her. Harry says leave everything. Vin asks him did he invite Siddhi’s mum and dad, why didn’t they come till now. Harry says how would I know this. Savita reaches there. She looks for Siddhi.

Harry says Savita is Siddhi’s mum. Vin gets shocked and thinks Siddhu master is my Siddhi.

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