Dil Dhoondta Hai 11th January 2018 Written Update

Dil Dhoondta Hai 11th January 2018 Written Update by Sona

Dil Dhoondta Hai 11th January 2018 Written Episode

RV and Vishi arrive at RV’s house. The goons inside discussed there wasn’t any water supply. Vishi and Ravi ring the bell introducing themselves as plumber. They were sent inside to fix the issue. Upstairs, Vishi looks towards Ravi and says its rusty and calls for screw driver. As the man with them get closer, Ravi sprays his face and ties his hands and feet. They spot the hooded man walk across the corridor. Ravi recognizes this is the same man who stole the papers. They follow him, Vishi hears Ravi speaking to the hooded man in the room that he has hidden the papers in godown. One of the goons got Vishi and pointed a gun at him, but Ravi threw a bat over his head. RV was alert. Ravi and Vishi manage to show him as a dummy when RV comes out of the room.
Three men were playing cards

and drinking in the godown. One of them feel the box was moving, but the others call him drunk. Ravi and Vishi had entered the godown behind the box. They let one unconscious by spraying over his face. Vishi fights the other two.
The men come downstairs to look into the godown for plumbers.
Vishi and Ravi were finally successful in finding the papers. They turn to find two goons holding gun towards them. Ravi gets behind Vishi. She spills a can of oil on the floor and as the goons slip they run away. In the garage it was dark. There were spot lights lit at Vishi and Ravi. The hooded man stood in front, Ravi and Vishi were captured in a net which falls over them. Vishi calls them a coward. The man snatches the papers from them, but Ravi was able to pull the leg of hooded man. They were shocked to see it was Sonia. Sonia laughs and orders her gun men to shoot them. The gunmen fires a bullet in the air. Sonia says she wish Vishi becomes a reason for Ravi’s death.
Ajji hears the residents of chawl discuss they must hire a lawyer. Some children come to ask Ajji if they have to leave the chawl. Their mothers take the children away, blaming Ajji. Dalvi family stood with Ajji. Ajji was sure God will do justice, and asks to call Ravi-Vishi. Avinash says Abhijeet is calling them.
Vishi’s phone bell was ringing. Ravi’s feet were above Vishi’s shoulder while she hug with a rope in her neck. If Vishi gets away, Ravi will be hanged to death. Sonia says it was all because Vishi rejected Sonia’s love. She couldn’t have let them live peacefully after they sent her to jail. She narrates RV bribing the police to get her released. She promised RV to get his work done. RV deters he can get her back to jail if his task isn’t completed. RV realized an injured lioness could only help him; her hatred and his determination brought fruits. He got the Chawl, and she got them both. Sonia laughs hysterically. Ravi had begun to suffocate now. Vishi shouts at Sonia. Sonia says she will now see how long his drama of love continue. They will be freed of lives, and Chawl residents will have to leave the Chawl. Everyone would be on roads.
In the Chawl, the builder’s men throw the luggage out. One of the goons pushes a pregnant woman away who fell over Anjali’s lap. The lady requests Anjali to save the Chawl.
Sonia spills a box of oil under Vishi’s feet. As Vishi slipped and moved Ravi cries as the rope tightened. Vishi says he is ready to bear all the burdens for Ravi; but won’t ever love Sonia. Sonia instructs her men to make Vishi stand over spikes. Sonia says Ravi doesn’t care for Vishi at all. She can’t see him bear so much pain. Vishi insists she can’t part him and Ravi. Ravi cries requesting Vishi to go away. Vishi says they will live and die together, no matter what. Sonia holds a gun and makes a shot at Vishi’s feet. He screams out of pain. Ravi cries badly. Sonia thinks if Vishi is not her then none’s

PRECAP: Sonia leaves a poisonous gas into the room making them suffer.

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