Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 10th August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 10th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 10th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Zainab thinking she is Kainat, the one who fell down the terrace is Saltanat. Zainab gets shocked and shivers. Kainat turns and says why is this table shaking so much. She goes to see. She hears Zaroon and says he had come. She runs out. Zainab runs from there. Kainat hugs Zaroon and takes him inside the room. Zainab leaves. Zaroon asks what’s all this. Kainat says don’t get angry, I know you are worried, I thought to do a wife’s duty and make you smile, any way, how is Kainat. He says there is no improvement. She hugs him.

Mamoon gets a message from Sabina. She asks him to send money. Ghazala says great, she is asking you for money. Mamoon says you are keeping an eye on me. She argues. He shouts that her new bahu is unlucky, not Sabina. Kainat says maybe

its Lord’s wish, we should accept this and move on. Zaroon asks what do you mean, shall I let her die. She says I didn’t mean that. He says I can’t move on, try to understand, I used to hate her, but she can’t die like this, I can’t forgive myself, I m related to her. She gets angry.
She asks will you forget our relation because of her, you didn’t see me since I have come back, you be with her as if she is your wife, it was better that she died. He looks at her. Mamoon says nothing is going fine since Zaroon and Saltanat got married, Miyajaan died, Kainat is in danger, she is unlucky, I have kept all the duties in my relations.

Ghazala says you aren’t a good dad, you came here to get your son married to Kainat to get the throne. He says I wanted the heirship for him. She says he just wanted love, why are you scolding your bahu now. He says what’s the use, Zaroon is just after Kainat now, he isn’t seeing Saltanat. She says leave it. He says think about it, I m not wrong, I say the truth. She asks really, then tell me about Sabina and you. He says you won’t understand.

Zaroon says I understood your meaning. He asks her to come with him. Mamoon prays at the Dargah. Nadim and Rubina also pray. Nadim says I m worried for my daughter. Mamoon asks why. Nadim asks why, Zaroon and Saltanat are just married, just talk to Zaroon. Mamoon asks what shall I talk to him. Nadim says since Kainat’s accident, Zaroon isn’t leaving her and avoiding his wife. Mamoon says this had to happen, you will feel bad if I say something. Rubina and Ghazala are away, praying. Nadim asks Mamoon to say it. Mamoon says Zaroon and Kainat’s togetherness was decided, Saltanat trapped him in love, he married Saltanat, now he is feeling that Kainat was better for him. Nadim asks how dare you. Mamoon says I know my son well, Kainat was perfect for him. Ghazala says Zaroon loves Saltanat. She asks Nadim not to doubt on Zaroon, he loves Saltanat a lot. Mamoon says he is busy with Kainat. He taunts Nadim and Rubina for having Sabina between their married life. Rubina asks him to control his tongue. Mamoon says don’t dare to shout on me. Nadim says I won’t spare you. Mamoon goes.

Zaroon gets Kainat and shows Saltanat. Zainab looks on. Rubina comes and asks when did Kainat come home. Everyone comes and sees Saltanat. Zaroon says tell me who is she. Kainat says Kainat…. Zaroon says no, she is my victim, doctor asked me to take her home so that she dies here between her family, Kainat is facing this day because of me, not because she tried to take her life, I neglected her conditions, on your and Zainab’s saying, I did a mistake, I told you she is mentally ill, take her to doctor, if you took one step that day, this would have not happened, she gave her life for me, how shall I not take care of her, I feel guilty.

Kainat hugs him and consoles. Zainab sees her smiling. Rubina asks did doctor really leave hope. Zaroon says I will save Kainat, I will fight with her death. Mamoon asks what happened to you suddenly, you were talking of killing her. Zaroon says I realized my mistake, Kainat is our family, no one has right to give life. Ghazala says I m with you. Rubina says we will pray for Kainat’s well being. Zaroon says just prayers won’t help. He goes. Kainat thinks Saltanat will never recover.

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