Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 25th October 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 25th October 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 25th October 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saltanat and Indu seeing Rupali fallen on the ground. They help her and call a doctor. Saltanat messages Zaroon that she will be late, Rupali is unwell. He praises his cooking. He gets her message. Rupali has tied Jugal in a way that he gets free. He opens the ropes. Doctor says we have to admit Rupali in the hospital if she gets serious. Jugal goes and gets Krish’s custody papers. He recalls Rupali’s words. He says no one will get saved, you all will die. Saltanat comes late and thinks I broke my promise, I got too late. She sees the dinner arrangements. She says sorry. She asks did you make this. He says yes, lets have dinner, it was your wish. She says you are the bestest husband ever. They feed the food to each other. Rupali gets angry and thinks you are my next

target, Saltanat.
Its morning, Saltanat and Zaroon offer prayers. He asks who is on helping list today. She says no one, just you. She hugs him. Indu says Sneha, Rupali is fine, we are coming home now. Sneha cries seeing Jugal and says I can’t tolerate it now, sorry, you need to realize your mistake. He looks at her. Zaroon gets close to Saltanat. Her phone rings. Sneha says I have filed police complaint against Jugal, I don’t have courage, can you come here. Saltanat says I will come. Zaroon gets upset. She asks what are you doing, say something, scold me. He says I have nothing to say. She says sorry. He says I feel like biting you, I m so irritated. She asks what, will you like it. He says yes. She says weird, bite my hand. He says I don’t act more, I was acting. She asks what are you finding. He says you are a superwoman, you should look like that.

He asks her to fly to Sneha now. She says you are the best, I hope I could fix things by not bringing our relation in between. He says there is a way, superman will also come with you. She asks will you really come. He says lets fly together. She hugs him. Rupali begs to Indu and asks her to give her a chance to repent, just let her meet Krish once, then she will go. Indu says I know your motive, you have come to repent and spend the rest of your life with Madhav and Krish, I won’t stop you, I will talk to Madhav. She goes.

Rupali says you are wrong, I have many reasons to live, Krish, my son, once I get his custody…. Saltanat and Zaroon come home. Saltanat takes care of Sneha. Police comes. Sneha says Jugal is tied up upstairs, I had no way to save my family, Jugal tried to misbehave with Rupali and Saltanat also. Zaroon gets shocked. Inspector asks why didn’t you fire FIR before. Saltanat asks inspector to talk politely, how would he feel about it if this never happened in his family, relations often make the person silent. Zaroon sees Saltanat.

Zaroon and Saltanat see the smoke. They cough and get locked inside the car. Rupali says Saltanat should be out of my way.

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