Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 31st August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 31st August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 31st August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Zaroon saying you are Saltanat. Nadim asks what did you think, my daughter is not a fraud. Zaroon says sorry, I told a lot. Inspector says there is no match in the reports, don’t worry, we will find Kainat soon. He goes. Kainat thinks I have burnt Saltanat’s fingers so that her fingerprint spoils and also took her blood sample for such times, thanks Saltanat for saving me, you and mum are doing duties well. FB shows Kainat going to the lab and changing the blood samples. She smiles.

Sneha says we all are affected by Sakshi’s leaving, you lost her and didn’t care for me ever, its the limit, why are you doing this, why didn’t you kill this girl outside. Madhav says its not my rule to kill unarmed person, she is in coma, I will get her to senses and then

kill her, then Sakshi will get justice. Everyone gives condolences. Mamoon says its late, I should go. Nadim hugs him and asks did you meet Zaroon. Sneha and Jugal argue with Madhav. Mamoon comes to Zaroon and cries. He thinks of Ghazala. He says I lost my love, I m paying a price of being rigid, come with me, I don’t want to lose you, take Saltanat with you.
Zaroon says no, I have to make it right, I lost mom, everything, it wasn’t your fault, don’t feel guilty. He asks Kainat to take care of Zaroon. He goes. Indu asks Madhav to go and get ready. Madhav says I don’t believe in Lord. She says it was Sakshi’s fav festival, just go. He agrees. Jugal sees Saltanat. Madhav lifts her and takes her to the room. Sneha thinks I won’t let this pretty girl stay here, I know my husband is a creep and won’t even leave the maid, Kainat has to die, I won’t give her a chance to break my family. She gets angry.

Zaroon sees the photo of him and Saltanat. He throws the pic. Kainat comes and says sorry, I tried hard to save your mum, but… He sees her. He imagines Kainat. He says your face matches with one whom I hate, go from here, I can’t see your face. Madhav gets Saltanat to the room and says Kainat I got you to my world. He takes clothes to change. He sees her and stops. He keeps pillow under her help. Her hair gets stuck in his shirt button. He unties that in anger and goes.

Indu says Madhav and Sneha will come, then we will start aarti. She thinks my children lost their childhood, now they will get everything that was snatched from them. She insists that her children to do the aarti. Madhav comes. Jugal says Indu loves Sneha more than Madhav, Sneha has to come. Indu says don’t say nonsense, Madhav will start the aarti. Madhav sees Sakshi’s pic and does the aarti. Sneha comes to Saltanat and says I have fulfilled your craze, you like to kill people, you will be dying now, just chill, none will doubt on me. He lowers the AC temp and goes. Saltanat gets shivering.

A light bulb is about to fall in the water. Saltanat shivers. Someone is seen holding it.

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