Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 8th August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 8th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 8th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Miyajaan coming to the family. Everyone gets shocked seeing his weak state. He shows towards Kainat. She hides behind the crowd. Zainab looks around. He collapses down. Nadim rushes him, shouting doctor. Miyajaan gets treated in the ICU. He still signs towards Kainat. Zainab looks on. Kainat acts to cry. Miyajaan puts his hand down. Doctors try to revive his heart. Miyajaan dies. Everyone cries for him. Someone looks on from far. The doctor says I m sorry. Everyone breaks down.

Its morning, everyone cries for Miyajaan and recall the moments with him. Zaroon hugs Ghazala. He recalls Miyajaan’s request. Kainat acts and cries. Zaroon hugs her and consoles. She asks how did Miyajaan leave us like this, he was the foundation of our family. The hooded man comes there

and looks on. Zaroon turns to see and doesn’t see him. He says Miyajaan is with us in memories and talks, you can share everything with me. Kainat smiles and says you are right, Miyajaan will always be alive, he always said he is proud of me, I m his ideal daughter.
Zainab hears her and feels strange. Kainat says I m not able to imagine my life without him, he left us and everything. Zaroon says calm down, you stay with everyone, I will go to Kainat and come. She asks why, we all need you. He says I m with you, Kainat is alone there, I really felt she will harm you, but she tried to give her life for me, I had hatred for her, I can’t change this, but I can stay with her and take care of her, I will come. She says fine. He hugs her and goes.

She gets angry. Zainab looks at her. She cries and says Miyajaan was like my dad. Rubina says you are right. Zainab says he always supported me than his son. Rubina says yes, I made many mistakes, he didn’t let anything change his love, he always ignored my mistakes. Ghazala says really, he was so nice, how did he get a heart attack when he was fine. Rubina says who can tolerate this on hearing Kainat’s misdeeds. Zainab cries. She apologizes to them. Ghazala says we regret this, he loved Kainat so much and she has become the reason for his death. Zainab recalls Miyajaan showing Saltanat.

Zaroon sits with Saltanat and says I came to tell you something, doctor said you are in coma, you can’t answer, but you can hear and understand, when I learnt you had shut Saltanat in chest, I was hating you, when you tried to take your life, I realized that you aren’t so bad, you might have realized your mistake. He holds her hand. He says its enough that you tried to reform, you have a right to know that Miyajaan passed away. He cries. Saltanat reacts hearing this. He shouts to doctor. Rubina’s finger gets a cut. Ghazala asks her to be careful. Doctor checks Saltanat. Zaroon asks what happened to her. Zainab gets Zaroon’s call. She gets shocked. Rubina asks what happened. Zainab runs. Rubina and Ghazala worry. Doctor says sorry Zaroon, Kainat’s condition is bad, we don’t think she will survive. Zainab comes and shouts no….. you can’t do this, she is my daughter, save her. Doctor says sorry, we did our best. Zainab shouts Kainat and runs to her.

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