Suhaagan 24th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 24th August 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 24th August 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krish waking up in night and thinking to know from where Rudra came in their story. He goes out of the work. Payal takes out a revealing short nighty, and smiles. Krish waits for Payal and thinks how she can do this? Payal comes there and walks towards him. Krish looks at her. Payal asks why did you call me? Krish says from where Rudra came? Payal thinks Bindiya had told him. She tells that Bindiya had gone to college and was asking about my boyfriend, and that’s why I took Rudra’s help and introduced him as my boyfriend. Krish recalls Bindiya’s words and tells her that someone said right that to hide one truth, one has to do many lies. She says this is her last lie, and tells that Rudra is her friend’s cousin. She says she did this for Bindiya and him, and will end this chapter tomorrow itself. Krish asks from where, your cousin’s brother is born. Servant locks the terrace door from outside and goes. Krish is about to knock the door, but Payal stops him and asks what you will tell everyone if they ask you, what you are doing with me. She thinks to bring him so closer to her, that he don’t away from her. She moves her hair from her neck, and thinks you get mad seeing my mole, now I will make you intoxicated. Krish comes near her and holds her romantically. Payal closes her eyes. Raat ka nasha abhi…..plays….She lies that something went in her eye.

Krish blows air on her eye. He is about to kiss her. She says this is wrong Krish. Krish moves away. Bindiya wakes up in night and calls Krishna ji. She thinks if his stomach got upset. Krish says ofcourse, this is wrong, infact it is very wrong and we shouldn’t have do this. Payal thinks my conspiracy backfired, and thinks I thought if I stop him then he will come more closer to me. She thinks to do another conspiracy. Bindiya searches for Krish. Payal tells Krish that she is feeling scared due to the darkness. He holds her hand adna sks her not to be scared as he is with her.

Bindiya comes to the kitchen and thinks he is not here also, then where did he go? She finds someone’s reflection and opens the window, but don’t see them. Krish and Payal has come out from terrace from the other door. Bindiya opens the main door and sees Krish standing. Krish gets shocked. He sees Payal hiding. Bindiya tells him that she was searching him and asks where you was doing so late in night. Payal signs him to make an excuse. Bindiya asks if anyone is there? Krish says no and tells that he had gone to his car to get his wallet. Bindiya asks how did you come out of house, as the door was locked from inside. He says from terrace. He asks her to come and says lets sleep. They get inside. Payal is outside. Krish asks Bindiya to go to room and tells that he will lock the door and come. He tells Payal that he will let the door open and asks her to come inside. He goes to his room. Bindiya bends down as she stumbles, and just then the door opens up due to the wind. Bindiya says it seems Krishna ji forgot to lock the door and locks it. Payal thinks where to go, as terrace door and the main door is closed. She goes to the garden area and sleeps on the swing.

Next morning, Bindiya touches Baldev’s feet. Baldev blesses her and says today morning will be good, as I will go with my daughter to present water to Surya devta. They come out and see Payal sleeping on the swing. Bindiya calls her and asks her to wake up. She asks what you was doing? Payal says she was doing yoga. Bindiya asks how did you come here as the door was closed.

Precap: Bindiya and Payal are about to leave to meet Rudra. Indu tells bindiya that today is her muh dikhayi rasam, and says let see if you stay at home or go with Payal.

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