Teri Meri Doriyaann 29th January 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 29th January 2023 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 29th January 2023 Written Episode

Sahiba’s client Gill offers her money for her previous jewelry design work. Sahiba thanks him and says she was badly in need of money. Gill asks if new designs are ready. Sahiba gives him new designs. Client likes her designs and thinks she doesn’t know what a great artist she is. Kiara calls him and asks him to send her new designs from the same artist immediately. He agrees and demands more money. She fixes 10000 rs per design and asks him to send pics to her immediately. He clicks pics and tells Sahiba that he can’t see properly and hence clicking pics. She requests him to pay more for her designs. He refuses and says he needs to work hard on her raw designs, so he cna’t pay more. Sahiba senses his intention and refuses to sell designs to him. He says he will pay 1500 rs per design. She says not less than 2000 rs per design. He agrees thinking he will make 8000 rs per design and sends them to Aaliya.

Aaliya walks to Angad and says her designs are ready. He says he can sense they are good seeing her happiness and suggests her to never compromise on her work. She shows him designs and says he was waiting for these. She thinks she will be Brar jeweler’s head designer soon. Prabjot walks in and informs that Seerat’s parents are coming today to discuss about Angad and Seerat’s alliance, already Gurleen and Manveer are busy in preparations. Angad says he is going on a lunch date with Seerat today. Prabjot feels excited and asks if he bought a gift for Seerat. Veer says he already picked their store’s best diamond ring for Seerat. Garry checks ring, gets mesmerized with it, and tricks Angad that girls like boys’ honesty and not diamond. Angad easily as usual gets fooled by his trick and asks what shall he take then. Garry suggests him to take some flowers and steals ring. He thinks diamond expert Angad doesn’t know that diamond’s are girl’s best friend, Seerat wold be impressed if he gifts diamond ring to her.

Seerat gets ready for her date with Angad. Taiji praises her beauty. Keerat taunts Seerat and says she she is accompanying her on Sahiba’s order and will protect her from a distance. Seerat hesitates, but gives up on Keerat’s determatination and takes her along. Angad visits Inder. Inder congratulates him for a new journey of life and says his son is thinking about himself now and going to meet his life partner. He gifts his watch to Angad and says his time will change now. Angad feels emotional and says its not just a gift but an emotion for him. Manveer feels happy seeing father-son bonding. Santosh reaches Brar mansion with gifts in style. Guard welcomes her and apologizes her for last time’s misbehavior. Santosh enters mansion and starts her acting rich drama.

Precap: Garry’s goons surround Seerat. Keerat fights with them and gets injured. Sahiba gets worried for Keerat who describes what had happened. Sahiba asks where was Angad. Keerat says Angad didn’t come there at all. Sahiba determines to teach Angad a lesson.

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