Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th February 2023 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th February 2023 Written Episode

Santosh emotionally blackmails Sudha and says she can tolerate her sister considering as arrogant and egositic but not greedy, her poverty didn’t let her meet her. Sudha says they are children of a same mother and money can never interfere between them. Santosh continues to emotionally trap her. Seert gets Garry’s message that he will call her in some time. Jasleen scolds Prabjot for getting late as Manveer is punctual and already left with Jaspal and Gurleen to Seerat’s house. Prabjot says let Angad come first. Angad walks down ready. Prabjot praises his dressing sense and says he got class from his mother. Angad agrees. Jasleen’s puppet maid tells her that only angad and Manveer are praised in this house while only Jasleen, Garry, and Kaira maintain class in this house. Jasleen gets impressed.

Santosh promises Sudha not to let money come between them and cries that their father got them married in similar families, but Sudha’s husband progressed by changing himself while Ajith didn’t due to his ego and loyalty. She describes how poverty is ruining her life and if Sahiba doesn’t work even for a day, they can’t have a proper meal, etc. Sudha feels pity for her and asks what she really wants. Santosh informs her about Seerat’s alliance with Angad Brar and says she spent her live in poverty somehow and can’t see her children in poverty, so she wants Seerat’s wedding fixed in Sudha’s house and not her broken house.

Garry calls Seerat and invites her for Brar jeweler’s promotional event as a chief guest. Angad asks whom he is talking to. Garry lies to a client and asks him not to worry about event and visit Seerat’s house and fix his alliance. Angad leaves. Garry says he never saw such beautiful like in his life and can never see one in the future. Seerat feels impressed and excited, then feels disappointed and reminds that his family is coming home with Angad’s alliance. He says she is right and continues to lure her. Seerat thinks she can’t miss such a good opportunity and thinks Santosh and Sudha will manage.

Santosh to emotionally trap Sudha with some truth and some lies and convinces Sudha to allow Seerat’s marriage in her house lying it as Santosh’s house. Seerat hears their conversation and thinks if she informs Santosh about Garry, Santosh will break her down with her slap, so its better she escapes from there.

Precap: Angad asks Santosh to call Seerat. Santosh with Ajith goes to Seerat’s room and finds her missing. She calls Sahiba and asks if she came there. Sahiba says no. Kulcha asks if Seerat eloped.

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