Teri Meri Love Stories 22nd September 2012 Written Update

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Teri Meri Love Stories 22nd September 2012 Written Update

Teri Meri Love Stories 22nd September 2012 Written Episode

Anika is walking on street in saari n rem her moments with some one..and then a truck hits her.
Yug is surrounded by bodyguards..and media is asking him why he didnt meet his wife anika yet. it has been 3 weeks. Yug’s mom asks him not to let media know of this issue and that she has booked tickets for kashmir. meanwhile yug is getting call on his phone..which he is ignoring.

Nurse tells them that anika is waiting for yug but she has lost her memory..yug goes towards her room n sees her on the edge of balcony..trying to help a bird.he calls anika n she is startled n falls in his arms. anika didnt recognize him. she asks marriage related ques to him. anika says it was our wedding anniversary 3 weeks before and i gifted you my memory loss..n she continues asking ques. yug says she should rest and leaves. yug’s mom tries to ask him how she is..he replies anika has changed a lot..his mom says..u changed her and that she selected this anika for him.

yug is at another girl’s hom..her name is kavya. he tells her abt him n anika going to kashmir.

they are in kashmir and anika is enjoying the beauty. she asks her ques abt her marriage. that whether it was love or arrange..did they do a lot of romance..etc..n she falls down while talking (yug left room as anika was changing clothes)..he helps her to stand. she asks him to tie the dori of her blouse..he hesitates but finally ties it..

–a song sequence–

anika asks why he is so quiet and jokes was he forced to marry..he is about to tell her about kavya but a media person asks ques about the night of party. which disturbs both yug and anika. he asks his guards to change the hotel. they are in car and anika is asking same ques as reporter..he gets all angry and screams at anika..yug tries to console her but stops looking at the bracelet (given by kavya). she asks if they used to fight a lot n if yes how he used to manaofy her..he says never to which anika replies that it must be her mistake then..yug looks at her shockingly and hugs her..he too hugs him back.but then agn he gets a call from kavya..he breaks the hug n is talking to kavya..she asks him abt the news headlines that yug-anika are on 2nd honeymoon..etc..he hangs the call n kavya is shocked. he goes back to anika n finds her crying. he consoles her bt anika starts asking ques agn..n asks for truth as she is trying to be happy. she says there is something that he is hiding. he says she is not well and he cares for her a lot. he says every couple fights and its not more than that. he kisses her on forehead..

they have cute close moments with song in BG.

yug is rem past moments..he says to kavya that no one can come in between them and yug is asking fr some time. anika looks for yug n finds him..he says that they have to leave..anika asks ques agn abt their past..she gets angry, yells and asks for divorce..and she has flashes from past..it is revealed that anika had asked for divorce on the party night but she rem faintly..yug tries to touch her..bu she runs away and bumps into kavya n faints..yug screams on kavya that she is resposible for this. they return back..n anika is being checked up by doc. doc says anika might never rem her past. yug goes to talk to anika and she apologises fr the fight. yug tries telling her the truth of past but she stops him and says we shud make new memories and start afresh if he wants. yug smiles and leaves for some work. anika gets call from kavya and goes to meet her. yug goes to kavya’s house and rem things with her. on the other hand anika recognizes kavya from kashmir. yug apologizes to kavya as he wants to be with anika in this lifetimeā€¦he says he has changed and anika has changed him.he returns the bracelet and keys to her house..where as, kavya is telling her the truth and shows her the divorce paper that she signed. anika rem her moments with yug and is shattered after knowing the truth. anika returns back home, keeps the divorce paper on table ad leaves..yug’s mom sees her leaving n tells everything to yug..he is driving n gets caught in traffic jam..he sees anika n runs after her..he tells anika that she signed the papers and not him. and he nvr wud have signed either. he says he wants to start a fresh life and kavya is his past n they hug..ppl start taking there pics. he says do u rem everything..she replies this is not a movie where in end heroine will rem everything!!


Yet again a very cute episode! the story moves at a nice pace with both past and present moments!

BY liquidfantasy

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